Heart pressure and how to lower it

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Often audible in everyday communication, the definition of "high cardiac pressure" actually means arterial hypertension. This medical term is increasingly used in relation not only to people of an age, but also to representatives of the younger generation. If you do not use methods of reducing heart pressure in time, then other life-threatening conditions may occur.

Blood pressure (AD) refers to blood types. It is an important biomarker and an indispensable test of vital functions. Determined by tonometer and phonendoscope. Also developed for today are portable tonometers for home use, which allow for a minute or two to determine the amount of blood pressure, usually in the arteries. In addition, pressure in the capillaries, cavities of the heart, veins can be checked, but other methods of research are used for this purpose.

Blood pressure includes two indicators: upper - systolic pressure, lower - diastolic. In the normal state, the blood pressure is determined at a level of 120/80 mm. ht Art. Between systolic and diastolic pressure there is normally a pulse pressure that should be within 35-55 mm. ht Art.

Diastolic pressure in everyday life is also called cardiac, but in medicine, there is no such definition. In some cases only diastolic pressure increases, whereas the systolic remains within the normal range. A similar can be considered as a variant of the norm, if this happens infrequently and the indicator returns to the norm in a short time. If there is an increase in cardiac pressure and in this state it remains for a long time, or it arises in a state of rest, then they speak of a pathology.

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Causes of high cardiac pressure

There is a conditional classification of causes causing high diastolic pressure. It consists of three large groups:

  1. Hereditary predispositions, which are the definition of the symptoms of certain diseases, including cardiac arrest.
  2. Unhealthy lifestyle, which is often expressed in insufficient physical activity, alcohol use, smoking, full sleep, uncommon staying in the fresh air. The most important factor in this group is frequent stress and nerve surges.
  3. Chronic diseases, mainly taking the form of infectious processes of various organs and systems (kidney, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular system).

In some cases, taking a number of medications helps increase heart pressure. Such is often found in self-healing, so it is extremely important to take medications after consultation with a doctor.

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Danger of high cardiac pressure

Increased pressure, both systolic and diastolic, affects the myocardium negatively. With prolonged course of the pathology begins to expand the cavity of the ventricle or, on the contrary, increases the thickness of the heart muscle. As a result, heart failure develops and, as a complication, there is a violation of the rhythm. If the measures of the drug are not taken, then the heart begins to lose oxygen and nutrients, which is subsequently expressed in coronary heart disease.

At high blood pressure, vascular atherosclerosis is more likely to develop. This formidable disease used to affect people of an advanced age. Today, atherosclerosis, as well as other cardiovascular diseases, is young, therefore it is more often defined at the age of 40-50 years. Atherosclerotic plaques can be formed on the walls of vessels of different caliber: large, medium and smallest capillaries. Involved in the pathological process of various organs (kidneys, liver) leads to their deficiency.

Blood circulation in the first row suffers from high blood pressure. Delicate fabrics are very sensitive to the lack of oxygen, so the occlusion of even relatively small blood vessels leads to serious consequences. In particular, there is an increased risk of stroke, various ischemic attacks, brain tissue edema, and increased intracranial pressure.

Under the high pressure, the walls of the retinal vessels begin to change. Mostly, their thickening occurs, and in severe cases, hemorrhage may develop, which, in the first place, threatens with complete blindness.

How To Lower Heart Pressure

If you have high cardiac pressure, what should you do? First of all, you should contact a doctor: a cardiologist, an arrhythmologist, in the extreme case - a physician. During the first visit, an objective examination of the patient, auscultation of the heart, and measurement of blood pressure are performed. Subsequently, instrumental research methods are introduced, starting with a standard ECG and completing, if necessary, an electrophysiological study.

During the diagnosis, the causes of the development of the pathological condition are determined. In accordance with it, the tactic of lowering cardiac pressure is selected in the future. Today the following methods are practiced:

  • Changing lifestyle, for which the predisposing factors that are listed above should be excluded.
  • Reception of prescribed drugs by the doctor.

Changing lifestyle

The proposed treatment option is more suitable for unexplained pathology, in which there is a periodic increase in cardiac pressure, but in general, the patient's condition is satisfactory. At one point, it is difficult to change the way of life.During the long years of practice, habits are constantly reminiscent of how good it was before, and now it's difficult, unpleasant, and everything is bad at all. In order to convince yourself in the opposite, one should use a certain scheme, which consists of a number of points (some of them may be omitted if necessary):

  • In the presence of excess weight, you must take all possible measures to normalize it. It uses diets, medicines, self-suggestions, sports lessons, etc.
  • It is important to completely reconsider the diet. In particular, products harmful to the heart should be excluded: (animal fats, salted, smoked, fried foods). Instead of this menu, you should be saturated with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and vitamin components. At the same time, do not forget about the calories that are consumed and consumed. For their equilibrium it is necessary to follow.

Caffeine-containing and alcoholic drinks contribute to the increase in pressure, so their use should be minimized or eliminated entirely from consumption.

  • Pure water should be in the daily diet. With its sufficient intake, the body processes metabolic processes, more actively undergo numerous chemical reactions, and most importantly - the heart muscle strengthens by reducing the viscosity of the blood.

If it is difficult to change perennial habits on your own, you can use the services of a psychotherapist who deals with problems of the cardiovascular system and other organs.

Acceptance of medicated drugs

With frequent progressive arterial hypertension, it is not necessary to experiment with your health, distracting from non-traditional methods of exposure to elevated pressure. The smart decision is to seek advice from the doctor and take the prescribed medications.

Used for lowering the heart pressure of the group of drugs:

  • beta-blockers - the most common in cardiology drugs, which, in the case of elevated blood pressure, help to reduce the excitement of the heart and blood vessels, due to which the condition of a person is normalized;
  • ACE inhibitors - act on a vasodilating enzyme that is produced by the kidneys, resulting in heart pressure coming to normal;
  • diuretics - activates the functioning of the renal colic system, which results in lowering the pressure in the kidneys and in the body as a whole.
  • calcium antagonists - when calcium is stopped outside the cell, it is possible to reduce the frequency of heart contractions, and at the same time reduce heart pressure.

In a number of cases, a comprehensive treatment of cardiac pressure is practiced. If there is a nerve tension or asthenic syndrome, then sedative medications are used, in the extreme case - sleeping pills.

Treatment for low heart pressure at home

Sometimes the pills issued by the doctor may not be at hand, while the heart pressure has risen and does not give the patient rest. In such cases, a local reflex effect on the region of the cervical spine is performed. To do this, use ordinary ice, which is covered by the specified place.

An important condition is that the head should be tilted down. In such a position the patient should be as long as possible. As a rule, such non-pharmacological treatment normalizes cardiac pressure quickly and for a long time.

In some cases the tincture of pine cones helps. To prepare it, take four small bumps, 1 tsp. tincture valerian, 5 tbsp. lsugar, All the ingredients are connected and placed in a dark container where a half liter of alcohol is poured. After insistence, about two weeks you can take a tablespoon before bedtime.

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