Treatment of vertical bradycardia

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The vertical location of the electrical axis of the heart is determined by many clinically healthy people. Especially often the owners of the asthenic physique. In such cases, there is no need for treatment. If the patient complains of dizziness, weakness, reduced performance, then medical assistance may be required.

Vertical bradycardia is a pathological condition in which the cardiac rhythm is slowed down. Simultaneously, against the background of this, the vertical position of the electrical axis of the heart is determined, which, without any violations of the cardiac rhythm, does not cause subjective discomfort.

Bradycardia is often associated with organic damage to the heart, therefore, patients with subjective intolerance to pathology should first be surveyed for their presence.

Electrocardiography is primarily used to diagnose cardiovascular diseases. With the help of this method, in a short time and painlessly, the necessary indicators are obtained: heart rate, rhythm, passage of electrical pulse through various departments of the heart. Upon receipt of the necessary data, appropriate medical, medical or folk treatment is prescribed, which is selected by the cardiologist or therapist.

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General recommendations

Patients with vertical bradycardia should pay due attention to the recommendations offered to all cardiologic patients:

  • It is important to give up bad habits (smoking and drinking).
  • It is necessary to monitor the arterial pressure, which normally should be within 120-130 / 80-90.
  • In the presence of diabetes, glucose levels should be kept within the normal range so that favorable conditions for the development of rhythm disturbance are not created.
  • In the case of determining a high level of cholesterol in the blood by means of proper nutrition, it is necessary to try to normalize it.
  • With a lack of physical activity, you need to do regular exercises that are suitable for health.

Cardiovascular diseases often develop in the face of stressful situations, so it is extremely important to normalize the emotional atmosphere at work, in the family, in the place of study. Also, if necessary, sedative drugs, mainly of plant origin, are used to reduce the nervous excitability.

What factors should be eliminated to reduce the incidence of vertical bradycardia?

  • Long-term supercooling.
  • Excess of the doses of the drugs from the following pharmacological groups: anti-coughing, choleretic, diuretic, antitumor for the treatment of the mediastinal pathology.
  • Lack of vitamins (avitaminosis).
  • Various by source intoxication.
  • Tightly tied or dressed accessories / things.
  • Long press impact on the eyeballs.

When eliminating such provocative factors, in many cases it is possible to restore the cardiac rhythm without medication.

First aid for vertical bradycardia

It is required at a significant reduction in the frequency of heart rate, for example, up to 40 beats / min (athletes - up to 35 beats / min). Also, a threat to life can be those states that occur with severe dizziness, weakness, loss of consciousness. After measurements of pulse at home, the following steps should be taken:

  • The patient stays on a solid flat surface.
  • The legs rise above the head using a roller or a few pillows.
  • In the presence of pain in the region of the heart, you should offer a tablet of nitroglycerine, which begins to act in a few minutes.
  • If an attack does not occur for the first time, then the patient should have previously prescribed prescription drugs that should be taken in the prescribed dosage.

Zelenin drops are often used to increase the heart rate, which begin to be taken with 5 drops half an hour before a meal and if necessary up to 20 drops. They do not use this medication for a long time, besides the contraindication to them is glaucoma and hypertension.

Not very pronounced bradycardia can be eliminated with the help of a warm foot or a common bath.

It is important to remember that bradycardia can cause a heart stop, so in critical cases it is not necessary to delay the call of an emergency team.

Treatment of vertical bradycardia

The proper treatment of the slowed-down rhythm is based on determining the cause of its development. A concomitant illness must necessarily be given to therapy. Predisposing factors should be eliminated to the maximum or their impact minimized. A seriously occurring disease is treated with medication drugs, and having a favorable prognostic value can be affected by folk medicine.

Medicinal treatment of vertical bradycardia

Often used at the stage of compression of the attack, with preparations more effective at intravenous, intraosseous, subcutaneous administration. Intramuscular injections of appropriate medications are not so often performed. The following medicines are most commonly used:

  • Atropine sulfate - shown in cases close to the normal blood pressure. If there is a deep hypotension, then it should not be used. For the introduction of 0.5 ml is taken 0,!% Solution, which is not divorced. The result of the administration is almost instantaneous, with the possible side effects of enlarged pupils, difficulty urinating, dry mouth.When using atropine, it is necessary to observe heart rate and arterial pressure.
  • Adrenaline - taken in dilution to 0.1%, for which the physiological solution is used. The child's dose is the same, only recalculated according to body weight.

Drug treatment for vertical bradycardia is often performed in the intensive care unit, when the patient is at risk of heart failure. In mild cases, the effect of folk remedies is sufficient.

Treatment of vertical bradycardia by folk remedies

Used to normalize the heart rate in both adults and children. It is important to remember that the patient should not have abnormalities in the cardiovascular system, since in such cases other therapies should be used. Effective in the use of folk remedies are as follows:

  • Chopsticks with walnuts and honey. All ingredients are taken in equal parts, the nuts and dried apricots are ground, after which honey is added to them. For a month, take two tablespoons a day.
  • Garlic with lemon and honey. This recipe will not suit everyone, but lovers of these products will feel the power in the fight against bradycardia. On a half-kilogram of honey you need to take five pieces of lemon and garlic. The lemons are squeezed out of juice and mixed with ground garlic, after adding honey and insisting on such a mixture for ten days. The course of admission is a month, during the treatment use one tablespoon of the mixture once a day.

The treatment methods used to eliminate vertical bradycardia may be combined with dietary nutrition, which is based on the incorporation into the diet of products such as sea fish of non-lean varieties, apples, grapefruit, avocados, linseed oil and butter, various types of nuts.

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