Persen Cardio 200 mg / 160 mg capsule number 16

Author Ольга Кияница


Amount in a package -
Product form Capsules
Manufacturer Lek (Slovenia)
Registration certificate UA/10415/01/01
The main medicament Persen
morion code 112158

Persen Cardio (PERSEN CARDIO) user manual


active ingredients: 1 capsule contains Passiflora herb dry extract (Passiflora incarnata L., herba extractum, siccum) (5-7: 1) (extractant - ethanol 60% (v / v)), equivalent to 200 mg of native extract, and leaves and hawthorn flowers dry extract (Crataegus species, folium cum flore, extractum, siccum) (4-7: 1) (extractant - ethanol 45% (v / v)), equivalent to 160 mg of native extract;
auxiliary substances: lactose, silicon dioxide colloid, magnesium oxide, magnesium stearate
gelatin capsule: titanium dioxide (E 171), iron oxide yellow (E172), iron oxide red (E172), hypromellose.

Dosage form

Capsules are solid.

Basic physical and chemical properties:

capsules with a lid of a brownish-red color and a body of light brown color, containing a brown powder with impregnations or compressed powder.

Pharmacological group

Other sedatives and hypnotics . ATX Code N05C M.

Other cardiac agents. ATX C01E C code

Pharmacological properties


Persen Cardio is a herbal preparation with a mild sedative effect.

The preparation contains dry extracts of grass of passionflowers and leaves and flowers of hawthorn.

Preparations containing grass passiflora, used for temporary mental overload, nervous state and insomnia.

Extract of leaves and flowers of hawthorn increases cardiac conduction, improves coronary blood flow and vascular circulation, prevents cardiac arrhythmia and moderately reduces blood pressure.

The effectiveness of the combination of these plants is based on their traditional application. The effects of medicinal plants are mutually complemented. The combination has moderate sedative and cardiotonic activity.


No data available.


Temporary mild forms of mental stress, anxiety and excitability.

Functional disorders of the heart and circulatory system associated with stress (for example, a feeling of intense heartbeat).


Hypersensitivity to passionflower, hawthorn or to auxiliary substances of the preparation. The expressed form of an arterial hypotension, a bradycardia.

Interaction with other drugs and other interactions

The study of the interaction of the drug Persen Cardio with other drugs has not been conducted. Before using any other medication, the patient should consult a physician.

Since it is impossible to exclude completely the interaction with drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (cardiac glycosides, antiarrhythmics and antihypertensives, diuretics, calcium channel blockers, beta antagonists, nitrates), their simultaneous use is not recommended.

The components of passionflower and hawthorn extracts can influence the activity of glycoprotein P, so potential interaction with its substrates is not ruled out.

It is not recommended simultaneous application with terfenadine, since the development of arrhythmia is possible.

It is not recommended simultaneous use with synthetic sedatives (benzodiazepines) without consulting a doctor.

Do not use the drug with cisapride.

application features

Patients with cardiovascular disease should consult a physician before using the drug.

If there is swelling on the legs during the treatment, shortness of breath, pain in the heart area, spreads to the hands, abdominal cavity or to the areas near the neck, and when the symptoms do not change within 6 weeks, appropriate measures should be taken, as the above symptoms may indicate severe heart failure.

The drug should be used with caution in patients with severe organic diseases of the digestive tract.

The drug contains lactose, so it should not be used in patients with rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerance, lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome.

Use during pregnancy or lactation

The safety of the drug during pregnancy and lactation is not established, so it should not be used during these periods.

The ability to influence the reaction rate when driving vehicles or other mechanisms

The preparation contains a passion grass extract, so patients should refrain from driving or other mechanisms during 2:00 after taking the drug.

Dosing and Administration

Adults and children over 12 years.

The recommended dose is 1 capsule per day. If necessary, the dose can be increased to 1 capsule twice a day. The maximum daily dose is 2 capsules.

Capsules should be taken before meals (for 1:00), squeezed them with liquid.

To achieve the optimal therapeutic effect, the drug should be taken for at least 6 weeks. If after 6 weeks of treatment the patient's condition worsened or did not improve, you should see a doctor.


The effectiveness and safety of the drug in children under the age of 12 years are not established, so it is not recommended to apply it to this category of patients.


Unknown. There may be hypersensitivity, which requires desensitizing therapy. If there is a significant excess of the dose, drowsiness, bradycardia, a decrease in blood pressure may occur, it may require discontinuation of the drug and symptomatic therapy.

Adverse Reactions

From the side of the digestive tract: very rarely - nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, spasms.

On the part of the immune system: very rarely - hypersensitivity reactions (eg, itching, rashes on the skin, congestion and swelling of the skin).

From the side of the vascular system: the frequency can not be evaluated - vasculitis.

From the heart: the frequency can not be evaluated - tachycardia, bradycardia, ventricular tachycardia.

From the nervous system: dizziness, drowsiness.

Shelf life

2 years.

Storage conditions

Store at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C in the original packaging. Keep out of the reach of children.


For 8 capsules in a blister, 2 (8 '2) blisters in a cardboard box.

Category of leave

Without recipe.

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