The medical center opened its doors for the whole family. Various cost-effective programs are offered that allow you to examine each family member, from mild to old. The staff of the clinic are qualified specialists who have many years of practical experience. Also, the presence of sensitive and attentive mid-level medical staff helps patients feel comfortable and comfortable.

Main benefits of the medical center:

  • Excellent specialists – professional performance of the duties of doctors clinic allows patients to remain calm for their health and the health of their children.
  • Modern equipment – all diagnostics and inspections are carried out using the latest medical devices, which allows you to put the exact diagnosis and perform high-quality hardware diagnostics.
  • Calling a doctor at home – any advice at home is conducted by a highly qualified specialist, which allows you to not worry about the impossibility of visiting the medical center in person if you need to.
  • Loyal prices – high service is available at the optimal cost, which is immediately pleasing to many patients in the clinic.

The services provided by the clinic include:

  • Polyclinic services – are provided in the form of consultations of doctors of various specializations (gynecologist, cardiologist, dermatologist, dietician, neurologist, etc.).
  • Outpatient surgical interventions – under local anesthesia, minimal surgical interventions are performed (hemangiomas, warts, papillomas, lipomas are removed, ulcers open, etc.).
  • Medical procedures and manipulations. – Tympanometry, audiometry, video-nystagmography, inhalation with a compressor inhaler is done.
  • Complex programs – are in the complex examination and examination of children of the first year of life, as well as before entering the kindergarten and school.
  • Vaccination – presented as the introduction of quality vaccines for children according to the schedule of vaccinations and before traveling to other countries of the world.
  • Instrumental examination – ultrasound, neurosonography, echocardiography, electrocardiography is performed.
  • Registration of certificates – inspections and issuance of certificates to kindergartens, schools entering the universities, swimming pool, sports sections, with missed classes to school, etc.
  • Therapeutic physical training and massage are appointed according to the indications and expressed in various methods of therapeutic influence.

Cardiovascular diseases at the medical center are performed by a qualified cardiologist Belichenko Elena Aleksandrovna.With its help, diagnostics of congenital malformations is performed, ECG decoding, and the doctor carries out outpatient treatment, observation and management of patients.


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