Vagus bradycardia

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The slow heartbeat develops against a background of various pathological conditions. Some of them are associated with heart disease, others are considered extracardiac. The latter refers to vagal bradycardia, which occurs relatively often and with proper treatment has a favorable prognostic conclusion.

Vagus bradycardia has the second most commonly used name - extracardiac bradycardia. Its development is directly related to the disorder of the nervous regulation of the heart. In clinical practice, it is often diagnosed as a complication of another disease, but in the absence of organic lesions of the heart does not contribute to the deterioration of the organ.

With bradycardia, the heart rate is lowered below 60 beats / min (in adults), on the background of which there is a deterioration in blood supply to the brain, heart and other organs.

Correct determination of the cause of the pathological condition is important, since further treatment tactics depend on it.Even if the vagal bradycardia is asymptomatic, it is necessary to take timely measures to treat the disease in order to prevent the occurrence of more severe complications.

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Description of the vagal bradycardia

In the development of the pathological condition, the main role is played by the decrease in the activity of the sympathetic department of the nervous system. Excitement of the parasympathetic nerve (vagus nerve) may also increase on the background of various humoral disorders. The following factors are considered as the following: increased blood levels of bile acids, hormonal insufficiency, often associated with hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland.

Vagus bradycardia is characterized by chronic (prolonged) flow, with the clinical picture can be more or less pronounced.

Symptoms of Vaginal Bradycardia

There are a number of signs that by their appearance help to suspect vagal bradycardia. These include the following symptoms:

  • weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • sensation of a rare heartbeat;
  • the feeling of a fading heart;
  • sleep and memory disorder.


In some cases, with a slowed heartbeat, the blood pressure decreases. With significant bradycardia (below 40 beats / min), a semi-bad or faint state may occur.

Causes of vaginal bradycardia

The disease can be related to both the influence of external factors and structural changes occurring in various organs and tissues.

External stimuli are considered to be tightly tied a tie or a strongly tightened strap. Under the influence of cold, palpitations may also be delayed. In such cases, significant violations of cardiac activity, as a rule, are not observed.

Factors that affect the development of vaginal bradycardia:

  • the process of aging of the body;
  • disorder of the activity of the vegetative-vascular system;
  • neurosis-like states;
  • elevated intracranial pressure stroke;
  • tumor processes that develop in the brain;
  • a number of medicines used in the symptomatic treatment of arterial hypertension and vascular diseases;
  • hyperkalemia (excess of potassium in the blood);
  • infectious diseases;
  • myxedema

Diagnosis of vagal bradycardia

The first signs of a pathology can be determined at a doctor's appointment. Often, sinus bradycardia is detected during auscultative listening of the heart, the presence of which is then confirmed by electrocardiography.


Additional methods of research in the diagnosis of vaginal bradycardia are: Holter monitoring, ultrasound of the heart, clinical analyzes, stress tests. In particular, the test with atropine allows you to distinguish vagal bradycardia from cardiovascular disease, manifested by arrhythmia.

Treatment and prevention of vagal bradycardia

In a slightly clinic, no specific therapy is performed. Since vagal bradycardia is often associated with other diseases, all efforts should be directed towards their treatment.

Immediate help is required at a sharp drop in heart rate, below 40 beats / min, when the patient may lose consciousness. In such cases, you must do the following:

  • A fallen man is turned over on his back and poured over his legs a pillow or a blanket in a roller. It is desirable to have the same situation with the preservation of consciousness.
  • It is necessary not to postpone the call of the medical brigade.
  • On the clothes you need to unbutton the top button of the shirt, loosen the strap.
  • In the unconscious state of a person you can pat your cheek or sprinkle your face with water.
  • A person in deep fainting is desirable to lead to a feeling, for what under the nose it is necessary for a few seconds to bring amber or vinegar.
  • In the absence of results from bringing the patient into a feeling, one should think about its warming up to the arrival of ambulance, for which the body is covered with blankets or warmers.
  • From time to time it is necessary to measure the pulse and record the indicators, so that they are informed by the emergency team.

There are drugs that help to eliminate signs of vaginal bradycardia, but their use is possible only by nursing staff. The only patient could be wounded to appoint a doctor drugs and with a decrease in heart rate, they are taken in recommended doses.

Prevention of vagal bradycardia is to maintain health at an optimal level so that various neuroses, infectious diseases can not contribute to the development of rhythm disturbance. To do this, you need to eat properly, avoid the appearance of bad habits or refuse them, if any. It is also worth doing enough physical activity for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

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