Exercises and exercises for the heart

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In many cases, the development of severe heart disease can be prevented through exercise. Most of the leading experts in the field of cardiology are confident that heart training should be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. In this case, doctors prescribe specific exercises even for patients suffering from cardiopathology.

 Like any other muscle, the heart can yield to training, allowing you to adapt the body to increased stress, and also to stop the age-related dystrophy observed in its walls.

Why it is necessary to give the heart and blood vessels a load?

Exercises aimed at training the heart are useful in that you can avoid the development of such diseases? As a heart attack, angina and cardiomyopathy. Gradually the myocardium adapts to regular loads, which leads to the normalization of metabolic processes taking place in the organs and tissues of the body.

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In particular, cardio training is relevant for people engaged in professional or amateur sports. With an increase in muscle mass, the heart needs to pump more blood, so exercises of this nature are extremely important for improving athletic performance.

Basic rules for training

Any exercise can be a health hazard if it does not work correctly. People suffering from hypertension or those who have recently had a heart attack, stroke or surgery need to be more careful when choosing the type of physical activity.Patients with bronchial asthma are also at risk.

At the very beginning of any training, it is necessary to warm up. Without this, there is a high probability of rupture of ligaments, overstretching of muscles and damage to the joints. The warm-up should be complex and take at least 10 minutes .


Those who suffer from excess weight, are not recommended exercises suggesting an increased axial load, such as running or jumping rope. Due to increased body weight, there is a large load on the knees and ankle, which can lead to injury and premature wear of the joints. In such cases, the best option will be training on exercise bikes. By adjusting the degree of resistance of the pedals it is convenient to monitor the pulse and engage in a certain range of heart rate.


When practicing on a treadmill or during a normal run, you need to push off with a toe and then move the foot to the heel. This technique allows you to absorb the pressure and evenly distribute it along the lower limb, not stressing the load on a certain joint.

Exercises for training the heart

Accelerated walking is considered the best way to train the heart, as it allows you to carefully dose the load, as well as regulate the heart rate. For better control, you can purchase a sports pulse oximeter that shows the heart rate in real time. Thanks to this function, you can change the intensity of the load and avoid fatigue. For starters, it is recommended to practice about 30 minutes a day, increasing the duration of the classes for 10 minutes each week. Then you can workout in 2 parts (morning and evening), for 1 hour.

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Swimming is recognized as the most comprehensive sport. Allows to study almost all muscle groups, increase overall endurance and also strengthen the cardiovascular system. It is necessary to begin swimming sessions with small loads.In the first stages it is better not to swim for more than 15 minutes with a gradual increase to 45 minutes. It is not worth pursuing the distances, but it's better to concentrate on your feelings and control the rhythm.

Exercises at home

Not everyone has the opportunity to practice outdoors or in special fitness centers, but this is not a problem, because there are several simple exercises available for doing at home.

At the first stages, you can practice ordinary sit-ups. For example, start with 20 times with a gradual increase of 10 per week. If there are difficulties, then the exercise is recommended to perform rely on the door hand, the back of the sofa or any other furniture.

On the Internet, you can find a large number of videos with classes on step aerobics. Due to the combination of dynamism and rhythm, exercises from this group are very convenient in terms of cardio loads. Step aerobics does not require special equipment in addition to the platform and it can be safely engaged in the home. Many people who are keen on such trainings note that occupations at home can be even more comfortable than in groups.

Many people think that yoga is a slow exercise that can not cause acceleration of the heart rate, but in fact it is not.There is ashtanga-yoga, which provides for quick and dynamic classes, combining aerobics and classical yoga. Loads of this type are convenient in that they allow you to control the heart rate and take breaks to restore breathing.

What else to pay attention to?

In addition to training, the work of the heart is beneficially affected by the rejection of bad habits. Many toxic substances that enter the human body have a pronounced cardiotoxicity. Refusal to smoke and use alcohol-containing beverages strengthens the myocardium and allows you to quickly adapt to physical stress.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the fight against excess weight. The large body weight associated with the maintenance of adipose tissue leads to excessive stress on the heart and increases the likelihood of developing vascular complications. Proper healthy nutrition, involving the rejection of high-calorie foods, the replacement of animal fat with vegetable oil and the reduction in the consumption of fast carbohydrates, contributes to rapid weight loss.

Heart training: pulse and its parameters

In sports circles, training in a certain zone of the heart rhythm is popular, which allows to increase the release of blood and achieve positive cardiac hypertrophy. Each of these zones can have its own influence on the state of the body. For example, occupations in certain areas can help burn fat, improve anaerobic capacity, muscle strength and endurance.

It is not necessary to overload yourself with exercises at the very beginning, because this format of training negatively affects health. The intensity of exercise should be increased slowly, so that they become a habit and gradually become ordinary. Training should not be a one-time phenomenon, they need to be made part of the way of life.

The main factor that indicates a positive effect of exercise is the change in heart rate. To find out your maximum allowable heart rate, you need to take the number 220 and take your age out of it. This means that it is not recommended for men at the age of 55 to train with a pulse of more than 165 beats per minute. To improve the performance of cardiac activity, to achieve a better release of blood and improve overall endurance, it is necessary to deal with between 60 and 70% of the maximum allowed frequency. The figure that will eventually turn out to be called the working rhythm of the heart (RRS).

All of the above listed indicators can be calculated in another way. First, you want to know the rhythm of the heart at rest (CPR). To do this, you need to measure the pulse in the morning, immediately after awakening. We admit the CPR is 60 beats per minute. Then it is necessary to measure the rhythm of the heart at maximum load (PCM). To do this, it is best to run at maximum speed, preferably with a sprint. The value of the pulse obtained after running will be considered as PCM. As an example, let this figure be equal to 195. To determine the RRS, it is necessary to take the PCM and subtract from it the CPR-195-60 = 135.

If during the lessons the PPC can not be achieved, this will signal a need to increase the intensity of the loads.

Strengthening of the heart and folk recipes

Cardio-perfusion is well combined with folk remedies. In terms of beneficial effects on the myocardium, decoctions, syrups and infusions from hawthorn have proved to be well established. For example, the hawthorn syrup is full of vitamin C , which is involved in many enzyme reactions that affect the functioning of the heart.


For its preparation, you must first boil fresh or dried berries of hawthorn. For 600 g of berries should leave 600 ml of water. The pan should be kept on low heat for about an hour. Then you should filter the broth through several layers of gauze. The berries are removed, and the liquid is again put on the stove. Continue until the decoction leaves half the volume. Then add a sweetener, in the role of which serve as maple syrup or honey. To achieve the optimum ratio, the sweetener is recommended to add to taste.


Moderate exercise was and remains the best way to prevent cardiovascular diseases. When drawing up an exercise plan, you need to rationally assess the state of your training to avoid injury and quickly adapt your heart to intensive work. It is very important not to allow fatigue and work in a rhythm that corresponds to the age norms.

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