Is it possible to do sports with arrhythmias of the heart

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Sports are an integral part of a healthy part of the population. Regular exercise allows you to strengthen the body, become more resistant, emotionally balanced. But with the appearance of a heart rhythm disorder, the question immediately arises: Is it possible to do sports with arrhythmias of the heart?

Sports are an integral part of a healthy part of the population. Regular exercise allows you to strengthen the body, become more resistant, emotionally balanced. But with the appearance of a heart rhythm disorder, the question immediately arises: Is it possible to do sports with arrhythmias of the heart?

Arrhythmia is a cardiovascular disease in which the frequency and rhythmicity of heart contractions change. The causes of arrhythmia may be organic damage to the heart and extracardiac pathological conditions.

In a normal state, a sinus rhythm and heart rate within a range of 60-90 times per minute (adult norm) are determined in humans.

Violation of the rhythm can be expressed in various forms. There is a classification of arrhythmias, according to which the most unfavorable are fibrillation, tremor, flicker, heart blockade 3, 4 degrees. Accordingly, the answer to the question "Is it possible to engage in sports with arrhythmia?" Will only happen when the form of cardiac abnormalities is definitely established.

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Is it helpful in arrhythmia?

During an arrhythmia attack, when there is a feeling of heartbeat, discomfort in the area of the heart, vegetative disorders appear (sweating, pallor or redness of the skin, a feeling of heat in the body), it is important to observe complete rest. The heart needs to come to the normal and it is desirable not to delay with this, otherwise, the prediction of a condition worsens every day. Therefore, in the so-called acute period of the disease, the answer to the question "Can I run with arrhythmia?" Is unambiguous - no.

If the heartbeat is not determined, the person feels completely healthy, then the heart, on the contrary, must be strengthened with the help of properly selected sports lessons. During moderate physical activity, the blood supply to the whole body and the heart improves in particular. The body receives more oxygen and nutrients, meaning that the metabolism passes more actively, cardiomyocytes can be fully reduced.

Some forms of arrhythmias can be cured by sports. They are called functional and are often associated with a disorder of the nervous system. If the latter is strengthened by competently selected physical education, then you do not have to worry, with arrhythmia you can do sports or not.


How to do sports with arrhythmia?

First of all, classes should be held with pleasure, without any irritation and self-conveyance. Only a good mood along with your favorite sports exercise can positively affect the cardiovascular system.

Important points that should be known to all patients with arrhythmia of the heart and who wants to know whether it is possible to engage in sports with this disease:

  • Moderation Often, arrhythmia is manifested by an increase in the frequency of cardiac contractions. Strengthened physical activity can only complicate the condition, so it is important that any training begin with easy exercises and gradually increase their intensity without leading up to the most difficult and difficult.
  • Regularity. Sport brings results only with regular, regular training. Long breaks in classes drop the athlete back and consider it necessary to start everything first.
  • CONTROL. During training it is very important to monitor your well-being. No one other than the athlete himself who has defined arrhythmia, can not know, normally perceives a heart load or needs to reduce intensity. In some cases, you will need to consult your doctor several times before selecting the appropriate pace of exercise.

The implementation of the recommendations will allow you to do sports with the benefit of the heart and do not worry about the fact that there is sinus arrhythmia, and whether it is possible to do sports? Moderation, regularity, control - and everything will be fine.

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What kind of sport suits a patient with arrhythmia?

In cardiovascular diseases it is better to pay attention to the sparing kinds of sports which do not assume large physical loads. In particular, the following sports classes in the sports sections may be suitable:

  • swimming;
  • badminton;
  • tennis
  • gymnastics;
  • pilates

If you do not want to attend group workouts, then you can indulge yourself on a bike, ride a bicycle, hike in the summer, and ski in winter.

It is important to keep in mind that the load should be increased on a regular basis, after a preliminary consultation with the attending physician.

Can a child play sports with arrhythmia?

Adults can independently observe and control themselves, you can perform certain exercises or not. Children are not so easy. The child's body is much more sensitive and less tolerant. Yesterday's training, which did not cause any complications, can provoke an attack today. Therefore, for children who have arrhythmias, parents or their caregivers should be carefully monitored first.

Some forms of rhythm disturbance do not cause noticeable clinical manifestations. Often sinus arrhythmias in the child are determined and the question of how it is possible to do sports practically does not arise. This condition by many doctors is considered physiological and does not require special treatment.


It is important to know the manifestations in which it is impossible to carry out any training, even if you really want to or push the time for preparation for any competition.

Contraindications to sports are considered:

  • loss of consciousness or dizziness;
  • discomfort or pain in the heart region;
  • irritability appeared without cause;
  • palpitation, strongly expressed pulsation of vessels;
  • an attack of atrial flutter or atrial fibrillation is determined.

Similar signs can not be ignored and considered to be the manifestation of the weak. The body thus suggests that it is time to slow down or change the sport at all. In some cases you have to be satisfied with breathing exercises and calm walking exercises before the heart is restored and more intensive exercises can be performed. In any case, it is advisable to consult the cardiologist and follow his recommendations.

What is the opinion of cardiologists?

If the patient has sinus arrhythmia, then the question as to whether one can engage in sports does not arise at all. Classes are held in a rhythm suitable for normal condition. With other forms of arrhythmia somewhat more complicated, especially with paroxysmal tachycardia, atrial fibrillation or tremor of the atrium should be carefully monitored by pulse and state of health. If the athlete rationally approaches the performance of one or another exercise, then he will be able to perform even complex ones with success and without harm to his or her health.

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