Can I take xarelto and cardiomagne together?

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Modern medications can only be used for the doctor's prescription, since self-medication has a high risk of serious side effects. Therefore, if there was a question, whether it is possible to take together xarelto and cardiomagnet, then first of all it is necessary to consult a cardiologist.

Cardiac drugs are a special group of medicines, which includes various originals and their analogues, which help to cope with rhythm disturbances, vascular thrombosis, ischemia, arterial hypertension and other pathologies.

The correct intake of drugs allows several times to reduce the risk of serious complications in the form of ventricular fibrillation, myocardial infarction, sudden coronary death.

To determine a particular heart condition, electrocardiography and ultrasound of the cardiovascular system are used first. Only after setting an accurate diagnosis and finding out the cause of the development of pathology are prescribed those or other drugs. In particular, the combined use of cardiomagnet and xarelto is possible only in some cases, and for this there must be weighty indications.

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What is xarello?

This drug is still known as rivaroxaban, since it is the name of the main active substance. Produced by Bayer and is presented as a preventive medicine for strokes and embolic lesions. Often assigned to patients for atrial fibrillation non-valvular development mechanism.

The main advantage of the anticoagulant "Xarelto" is a fixed dose and the possibility of taking it once a day. Also, when using this drug, there is no need to keep coagulation parameters under constant control.

Xarelto is one of the few drugs that have undergone a randomized trial, that is, blinded patients. The results showed that the drug is highly effective in the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic diseases. So is it possible to take xarelto with a cardiomagnet? This will become clear after consideration

What is a cardiomagnetic

The product is manufactured in Denmark, the manufacturing company is Nicomed. It combines two active substances - acetylsalicylic acid and magnesium hydroxide. The first component acts as an antiaggregant, that is, it prevents the gluing of platelets. This allows you to make the blood less viscous, which in turn prevents the development of strokes and heart attacks. The second component - magnesium hydroxide - does not allow acetylsalicylic acid to damage the gastric mucosa, since after the administration, the enveloping property of magnesium is manifested.

In addition to antithrombotic activity, the drug has analgesic, antipyretic and reduces inflammation.

The main indications of the cardiomagnet are thrombosis and embolism, ischemic heart disease and myocardial infarction, unstable angina, stroke, and other disorders associated with cardiovascular disease. But there are contraindications to taking the drug in the form of bleeding, stomach ulcers, stroke of the brain, kidney failure, etc.

Simultaneous reception of xarelto and cardiomagnet

After considering the given drugs, it can be confidently asserted that their combination is the administration of drugs from one pharmacological group, namely, anticoagulants. These drugs work differently, but in both cases there is a decrease in platelet aggregation.

It is important to know that treatment with both these drugs is possible in extreme cases, when there are serious indications:

  • high risk of postoperative thromboembolism;
  • "Fresh" ischemic stroke;
  • diseases of the vessels of the lower extremities that threaten thromboembolism.

During the reception of xarelto and cardiomagnet you need to be prepared for a high risk of hemorrhagic complications:

  • Small - microhematuria, hemorrhages in the conjunctiva, under the skin, bleeding gums.
  • Large - are divided into fatal (leading to death), life-threatening (bleeding associated with myocardial infarction, stroke, respiratory or heart failure) and serious (hemoptysis, severe hematuria, gastrointestinal bleeding).

Thus, antiplatelet therapy should be performed only after consulting a cardiologist. Otherwise, serious complications can occur.

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