Whether it is possible for extrasystoles to engage in sports

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Modern athletes are more and more often asked the question of the type of sports training available for extrasystoles. This is due to the fact that many young people, including those involved in sports, began to define extraordinary contractions that patients may not feel. In some cases, such manifestations can not be ignored as they indicate the presence of a serious disease in the body.

Extrasystole is often found in people of different ages. Various studies confirm the presence of extraordinary contractions in almost every person, only the frequency and severity of them are different. It also matters the presence of concomitant diseases, which in some cases can significantly impair the state of health of the patient.

In normal condition, an adult has about 30-40 extrasystoles per hour. If more extraordinary contractions are observed, then the condition of the patient is evaluated for other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Definition of extrasystole is performed using electrocardiography. If necessary, daily monitoring of the ECG is used, ultrasound of the heart must be done as it allows to clarify the functionality of the myocardium and eliminate organic lesions.
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Factors that induce the development of extrasystoles in athletes

There are a number of factors predisposing to extrasystoles, among which the following are most often determined:

  • emotional overload;
  • disorder of autonomic regulation of cardiac activity;
  • neuro-reflex effect;
  • neurohumoral pathological changes;
  • electrolyte imbalance in the body;
  • extracardiac factors.

Of great importance in the development of extrasystoles athletes has a chronic foci of infection. This can be a long-term untreated caries of teeth, long-term angina, chronic pyelonephritis or bronchitis.

Extrasystole may be the only symptom pointing to an unexpressed ischemic heart disease. Also, myocardial dystrophy, focal myocarditis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system may be hidden.

When can I practice sports with extrasystoles?

Not in all cases, you can engage in football with extrasystoles. To assess the condition of the patient, specially formulated gradations of extrasystoles are used, based on the frequency of extraordinary contractions.

  • 1 - in one hour there is no more than 30 EKS or in one minute no more than one.
  • 2 - more than 30 ECS or more than 1 per minute are recorded in one hour.
  • 3 - polymorphic EKS, which are various form EC complexes, determined on an electrocardiogram.
  • 4 - volleyball and paired EKS, which are two or more complexes of extraordinary abbreviations on an electrocardiogram going after one another.
  • 5 - Early EX.

Accordingly, an analysis of the permission to workout and physical exercise is issued in determining the extrasystoles of the first two gradations. In identifying the ECS in subsequent graduations, to engage in sports is either totally unacceptable or moderate in number. The same assessment of the patient's condition is the answer to the question, whether it is possible to run with extrasystoles. As for the sauna, fitness and extrasystoles, there is a similar situation. Physicians recommend doing fitness exercises or staying in the sauna only when there is no increase in extrasystoles.

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