Can I fly on an airplane with heart arrhythmia?

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Many cardiac arrhythmias, despite the illness, continue to think about various trips, trips and rest in other countries. Getting to the far-disposed destination today is real by air. In such cases, the question arises immediately, can a person with arrhythmia of the heart be able to fly on an airplane.

Arrhythmia - widely rasprostranennoe violation rhythms kotoroe often vstrechaetsja not only patients in cardio-sosudystыmy disease, but with a personality and vpolne zdorovыh Even athletes. In some cases, a person does not even know that he has arrhythmia and calmly deals with his own affairs. But sometimes a specific diagnosis is made, which is extremely difficult to ignore, especially if you need to fly on the plane.

In patients with arrhythmia, the most commonly diagnosed is a form of rhythm disturbance, such as atrial fibrillation. Extrasystoles, tachycardia and rhythm retardation, also known as bradycardia, may also be defined.

Determining the exact form of rhythm disturbance allows the examination of a cardiologist and the passage of some instrumental methods of investigation: electrocardiography, daily monitoring of the ECG, ultrasound of the heart. It is especially important to repeat the examination before having to fly with an arrhythmia of the heart on the plane. There are other recommendations for patients planning an air travel.

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Influence of air travel on the heart

The complexity of the travel of patients with arrhythmia by plane is that there is a significant variation in atmospheric pressure. For example, with short air travel, the aircraft climb to a height of 2500 m above sea level. For long journeys, this figure can be 10,000 m or more. At such a height, atmospheric pressure is noticeably reduced. In addition, a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the air is observed. Such factors have a negative effect on the work of the heart, which begins to experience a huge load.

The pressure fluctuations are felt by all passengers flying, but for the "cores" such a test may end in a catastrophe.

During the flight, patients with a coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, after a myocardial infarction may be in a critical condition. It is also difficult to fly on a plane sick with some forms of arrhythmia. It should be known that ordinary medications may not help during an attack. The only positive result can be achieved with the additional inhalation of oxygen.

It should be noted that many airlines do not allow the use of air cushions on board because of their high explosivity.

What are the ways to solve a situation?

  1. At the planning stage of the flight, it is necessary to specify from the representative of the airline about the possibility to order an oxygen pillow or oxygen inhaler.
  2. In case of a negative answer from the representative of the airline you can try to ask the attending physician to place an order for an oxygen inhaler. This will require a certificate confirming the patient's need for additional oxygen.
  3. You should bring valodol with you, which you will need to put on a pill under a tongue before take-off and landing. The medicine helps to cope with the heart with oxygen deficiency.
  4. Before planting, it is recommended to drink 40 drops of corvalol or valerian. With the help of these means, it is possible to move the load more safely, as well as the heart rate will be within the normal range.

The flight will pass almost imperceptibly and more favorably if you engage in distracting things: read a book, listen to music, and solve crossword puzzles.

Influence of air travel on vessels

During the flight, even short-term, not only stress, but also the negative effect of limited mobility. Continuously sit for 3-4 hours, but sometimes longer, tediously healthy person. With diseases of the cardiovascular system, including arrhythmias, prolonged sitting in a sedentary position leads to a load on the vessels of the legs.
The most obvious processes occurring during the flight in vessels:

  • slowing blood flow;
  • increase of blood viscosity;
  • narrowing of the vein lumen.

As a result, there is pain in the legs, numbness of the toes, also there is swelling of the tissues. In this way, favorable conditions for the development of thrombosis are created, and in difficult cases - thromboembolism.

What are the ways to solve a situation?

  1. Legs should be tried not to keep in one position for a long time, especially it is not recommended to put a foot on the leg or squeeze them under your own.
  2. If there is a possibility, the legs need to be aligned.
  3. Move your legs more often.
  4. Every 40-50 minutes you need to get up and walk around the cabin.
  5. When purchasing a ticket, you need to choose a place at the passage, then you can safely step out, straighten your legs, move them, while not interfering with anyone.

Flight by plane with various forms of arrhythmia

There are various doctor's recommendations related to this or that form of arrhythmia.

  • Inverted arrhythmia - the disease is not a contraindication to air travel, unless the pre-flight surveys show that the sinus rhythm is retained. It is also important to adhere to the drinking regime (during the flight to drink up to 1.5 liters of water) and do not forget about warming the legs.
  • Bradycardia - with the preservation of sinus rhythm warnings are the same as in the above-described version. If there are frequent dizziness, pre-dysfunctional conditions, heart rate is strongly reduced, then flights in such a state are not recommended. A similar situation is with syndrome of weakness of a sinus node and atrioventricular blockades, during which it is also not recommended to fly on an airplane without medical attendance.
  • Extrasystole - often this form of disturbance of the rhythm does not bring a special trouble to the patient, therefore, in the absence of serious pathologies of other organs of the body, you can safely fly. Before the flight, especially phenazepam or a megacity can be taken especially for sensitive persons.

It is important to remember that if you have an arrhythmia, especially during a flight or when you are in another country, you can not overeat or take alcohol. Such factors of influence have a very negative effect on the health of patients with arrhythmia, therefore, in violation of these rules, an attack of rhythm disturbances is provided.

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Can I fly on an airplane with an arrhythmia

The presence of disturbances in the functioning of the conduction system of the heart can affect the ability to make air travel. If you are concerned with the question of whether it is possible to fly an airplane during an arrhythmia, it is better to consult a doctor. In general terms, one can only say that much depends on the degree of severity of the disorder and the definition of other concomitant serious diseases.


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