Take an army with arrhythmia of the heart

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Arrhythmia of the heart is of different forms, expressiveness, flow, respectively, has different clinical significance. With one type of arrhythmia are taken into the army, and on the other hand issued a certificate of unsuitability for the service.

The call to the army is a painful issue for many modern young people. f some are looking for opportunities to get into an army service, then others try to find illness in themselves. Yes, so that those who do not interfere with normal life.

As assured by lawyers, 10 conscripts out of 10 have a chance to receive a military ticket without urgent service, and on a legal basis. There are quite a few options for achieving such a goal, and one of them - by providing the military commission with information on the presence of a serious illness.

A group of cardiovascular diseases includes many different pathologies, one of which is suitable for slipping from the call, while others allow military service. Much still depends on which country is calling - Ukraine or Russia, because there are even different army categories among which the employees are distributed.

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Disease Schedule for 2017

Before the beginning of the string service, the conscripts necessarily pass the military commission, which determines their suitability. It is far from being always taken into an army with cardiac arrhythmia, but there are forms of rhythm disturbances that do not allow the service to be carried. In particular, after a medical examination it is possible to find out belonging to this or that clause of a schedule of illnesses. What do they represent?

In Ukraine, the categories of the schedule of diseases of the circulatory system are defined as follows:

a) or the third stage - unfit for military service; withdrawn from military records;
b) or II stage - in peacetime can not serve, in military - with restriction;
c) or I stage - in peacetime can not serve, military - with restriction;
g) or without disturbance of the general blood circulation - are suitable.

In Russia, army categories differ on the following principles:

A - suitable for service;
B is good, but there are some limitations;
B - to military service is open with restrictions;
G - for a health correction, a deferral is issued, and in a military ticket indicates temporary disability;
D - not ready for military service.

Are they in the army with sinus arrhythmia?

It all depends on the clinical severity of cardiovascular disease, that is, the general condition of the recruiter is estimated. In particular, for a man to be released from military service, there must be good reason. In the case of sinus arrhythmia, several ways of developing the situation can be observed:

  1. Arrhythmia is a major disease and can cause life-threatening conditions.
  2. Arrhythmia is considered a complication of another disease, which carries a danger to life and health of a person.

Cardiac type of the course of rhythm disturbance is a frequent reason for recognizing the unsuitability of a recruiter. Persistent heart pains, with marked vegetative-vascular disorders, should be diagnosed.

In such cases, persistent sinus tachycardia, paroxysmal tachycardia, extrasystole become a reason for the recognition of a conscript unsuitable. If the question arises, whether the army is taken with a tachycardia of the heart, then the severity of the heartbeat is estimated, and in the case of ventricular tachycardia, the army is often contraindicated.

At the same time, functional sinus arrhythmia or rare single extrasystoles are not a reason for the recognition of a conscriptor unsuitable or giving him a deferral. Similarly, the incomplete blockade of the right leg of the bundle of Guillaume and the army is quite compatible.

Sinus bradycardia: take to the army

By itself, bradycardia can not be dangerous and endangers human health or life. Most often this symptom complex develops against other serious illnesses, being their complication. In particular, if this is a syndrome of weakness of the sinus node, then with sufficient confirmation of the presence of a similar pathology, a high probability of issuing a certificate of inappropriateity. Other possible illnesses accompanied by bradycardia and the presence of which may lead to army failure:

  • cancer pathology;
  • brain damage;
  • peptic ulcer;
  • disorder of the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Unsuitable for urgent service is approved at an atrioventricular blockade of degree 1, complete blockade of one leg of the bundle of Guillaume. Other disorders of the rhythm, which cause persistent changes in the impulse, are also a contraindication to the military service.

Mitral valve prolapse and service in the army

In the diagnosis of this disease, it is possible to rely on disability for service in arrhythmias in the event that the following conditions are determined:

  • mitral valve prolapse is combined with any other heart disease;
  • Cardiomyopathy (dilatational, hypertrophic or constrictive) is determined;
  • there is an infectious endocarditis or recurrent myo-, peri-, endocarditis;
  • extensive pericardial obliterans have been diagnosed.

Suitable young people include those conscripts who are ill with heart disease accompanied by second-degree blood circulation insufficiency. In some cases, the existing diseases in the recruiter are considered on an individual basis, then it may be the appointment of additional research methods.

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