The effect of weather on the work of the heart

Author Ольга Кияница


Many cores know the negative effect of bad weather on overall health. In particular, some weather conditions are capable of provoking a violation of cardiac activity, including arrhythmia. Therefore, researchers engaged in studying the climate, which may prove unsafe for human health.

The study was conducted at the University of Glasgow by a group of Scottish scientists. The study of various climatic factors of exposure made it possible to learn about the most unfavorable conditions for human health, especially for the heart.

Researchers argue that the general well-being of a person is under the direct influence of the temperature regime. For example, significant cooling affects the development of pathological conditions associated with the heart and blood vessels. The low temperature regime increases the likelihood of developing a heart attack of the order of three positions, which in turn threatens the patient with a fatal outcome.

Bad weather helps increase blood pressure. Insufficient sunlight further increases the likelihood of a heart attack. With a decrease in temperature by 10 degrees, the risk of developing hypertension is additionally increased. A pressure increase of three to six millimeters is observed. Scientists believe that such factors further increase the risk of developing a heart attack, and that in turn - a heart attack or stroke.

Similar results of the study made it possible for scientists to conclude that patients with cardiovascular diseases should be less likely to experience frost and severe cold.

It is worth noting a few more factors that have a direct effect on the cardiovascular system:

  • Insufficient amount of calcium in the human body several times increases the risk of a heart attack. A similar conclusion was reached by American cardiologists, working in Los Angeles, who examined patients with a deficiency of calcium in the blood. In test subjects, compared with the usual condition, the heart attack most often develops.
  • Diabetes mellitus is one of the main risk factors for atrial fibrillation. A number of other predisposing factors such as the presence of harmful habits, obesity and other are no less threatening in the development of the most common form of arrhythmia.
  • Useful to the heart drinks - beneficial effect on the work of the body, therefore, according to the results of various studies recommended to eat green tea, pomegranate juice, coffee, red wine and plain water.

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