”Universal” cure for arrhythmia

Author Ольга Кияница


Chocolate lovers do not really face such a cardiovascular disease as arrhythmia. Similar state the American scientists who conducted the corresponding research.

In the course of the experiment, about 55,000 people were screened for physiological indices (blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index) at the beginning of the study and at the end of the study. During the monthly course of testing, patients were required to use chocolate in addition to the usual products.

Other scientists conducted a similar study, only for 13.5 years. The results of the experiment also indicate that with arrhythmia it is possible to be supported by such a "universal" medicine as chocolate.

Useful properties of chocolate were studied by a group of scientists from Denmark, Canada and America. According to their results it turns out that regular consumption of chocolate, but in a moderate amount, can help to avoid the development of atrial fibrillation. To do this, it is enough for a woman to eat a portion of chocolate with a weight of 30 grams a week, while for men, the "dose" should be increased from two to six such servings. Such "treatment" helps to reduce the risk of arrhythmia in women by 21%, and in men - by 23%.

The sort of chocolate, according to experts, also has importance in the prevention of arrhythmia in a similar way. For example, dark chocolate is more useful than the milk that is so adored by buyers.

There are other equally important benefits of chocolate consumption, proven in the course of various studies:

  • Cells become younger, with blood pressure lower, and the ratio of waist volume to hip volume is greater.
  • Diabetes mellitus occurs less frequently. Scientists from various universities (the State of Maine and South Australia) are convinced of this. The risk of the disease is affected by the use of chocolate at least once a week, and this forecast is most often designed for a long-term perspective.
  • "Bad" cholesterol is determined in a smaller number in those people who like cocoa-containing foods. At the same time, the concentration of "good" cholesterol increases, which in general has a beneficial effect on the person's well-being.

Finally, it should be noted that reducing the risk of arrhythmia, especially atrial fibrillation, allows to carry out in part effective prevention of stroke, heart attack and other heart diseases.

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