In men and women, the heart works differently!

Author Ольга Кияница


Scientists conducted a study, which involved more than 80 thousand people living in European territory age from 24 to 97 years.

Circulation magazine published an article in which there is a direct link between the high mortality of the male part of the population and cardiovascular diseases with an increased risk of earlier development of various forms of cardiac rhythm disturbance.

According to Christina Magnussen, who works at the University of Hamburg in Germany, today, both sexes need to seriously think about how to cope with extra pounds. The development of arrhythmia is several times more common in obese men, so weight control should become an obligatory procedure for anyone wishing to prevent the occurrence of arrhythmia.

Atrial fibrillation is the most well-known disease, which belongs to a large group of cardiac arrhythmias. Flicker often causes the formation of blood clots and sudden cardiac arrest. Thrombi are formed most often in the left atrial appendage, the very first predisposing factor of development is a violation of the rhythm of the heart. With arrhythmia, the clots enter the main vessels and can block blood flow in vital organs, thus causing ischaemia of soft tissues.

Magnussen and her colleagues engaged in the development of the disease. The subtleties of the passage of the pathological process were associated with all possible genetic and non-genetic features in both men and women. Other factors of development were studied by the type of life style, nutrition, bad habits, which could contribute to the appearance of pathology in middle and old age.

In the course of the study, the life of more than 80 thousand Europeans, who turned 24-97 years old, was analyzed. There were no complaints from the cardiovascular system initially. After 15-30 years, most of them showed signs of rhythm disturbance, which allowed researchers to more accurately identify the impact factors.

Scientists were surprised, but the greatest influence on the work of the heart has a person's sex. Of all the men examined, 6.4% had an arrhythmia, compared with 4.4% for women. Also, the age is more favorable to women who have a burst of arrhythmia after 60 years, whereas among men the first signs were recorded earlier, starting from the age of 50.

What is the reason for this? Scientists believe that the male body is more prone to various inflammations, while obesity is most often found among the stronger sex. Such two factors are interrelated, since extra pounds trigger the formation of inflammation in different organs and tissues, which in turn leads to various cardiovascular diseases, including arrhythmia.

The body mass index may rise by only one point, but the risk of arrhythmia increases by 12% for women and by 31% for men. Much less influence is exerted by other predisposing factors, such as bad habits, lifestyle and genetic predisposition. Therefore, inflammation and obesity can be considered the main causes of rhythm disturbances.

In conclusion, the scientists called for the fight against arrhythmia, because in all countries of the world there is an epidemic of obesity, and as it is already known, an arrythmia will inevitably follow this disease.

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