A heart attack or stroke can lead to early menopause.

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A new study has shown that the development of a cardiovascular attack to 35 years can contribute to the formation of favorable factors that are hazardous to health.

Menopause is the process by which a woman gradually stops her menstrual cycle. For many women, this occurs at the age of about 51 years.

Past studies have revealed a link between women's well-being and an increased level of cardiovascular diseases. A group of researchers in Australia decided to find out if the opposite is true: can a stroke, heart attack, or other cardiovascular event in young women contribute to early menopause?

In a new study presented at the International Conference on Stroke in Honolulu, scientists presented data on 177,131 women participating in 9 studies. Women were classified according to age and onset of menopause, which arose before the age of 45 and is defined as “early”. Additionally, cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, angina pectoris, and stroke were analyzed.

The study showed that if women developed cardiovascular syndrome up to 35 years, then menopause occurred at about 45 years. Women who had the disease after 40 years were more likely to experience a “normal” menopause around the age of 51 years.

The results should be convincing arguments for physicians who claim to be the lead author of the research, Dongshan Zhu, a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland in Australia.

“These women should be warned about the high likelihood of early menopause in the future, since early menopause is associated with higher mortality, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis,” said Dongshan.

Dr. Thomas Price, a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and fertility at the University of North Carolina, also provided data illustrating the close relationship between the level of female hormones and general health. According to him, the basis of the positive effect of the hormone is the support of the flexibility of blood vessels and arterial walls. As a rule, menopause is preceded by a gradual decrease in the level of hormones for many years.

“It is not similar to the fact that hormones in a woman suddenly disappear, and at the same time, menstruation ceases to appear. This happens gradually, ”said Thomas Price. “So the question is, are there predisposing factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases that can cause early menopause? Or is it more likely that early menopause is associated with lower levels of estrogen, which predispose to the development of cardiovascular diseases? ”

Further research should be conducted in the future to ensure that the results are true for other races and ethnic groups.Additional studies could also investigate whether genetic factors are associated with early menopause and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Early Menopause: Precursor to Coronary Heart Disease?

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