The relationship between some forms of baldness and the risk of developing coronary heart disease

Author Ольга Кияница


Alopecia today, like in the old days, many men suffer from the stronger sex, so scientists have been studying the processes of its formation for a long time. Today it became known that the lack of hair on those or other areas of the head can indicate a hidden or clearly occurring disease. It can be a high predisposition to both diabetes mellitus and various inflammatory diseases, including hormonal changes.

Visual prompting is important in the diagnosis of various pathological conditions. When it appears, both the patient and the doctor can immediately think about the presence of a particular disease. If you carry out diagnostic tests on time and prescribe appropriate treatment, then it is possible to conduct the prevention of heart attack as effectively as possible.

Over the past 60 years, scientists have conducted studies related to baldness and predisposing factors to it, only about 850 times. At the same time, only six have received medical confirmation of the results, one from Croatia, one in Denmark and the other four in the United States. In addition, it should be noted that in the course of three studies, male patients were observed for about 11 years.

In a recent study, data have been obtained that the relationship between baldness and heart disease can only be observed if hair loss begins at the top of the head, that is, the top of the head. The study involved about 40 thousand men, resulting in an increased risk of heart disease by 70% in the presence of baldness, beginning with the crown. If hair loss begins from the forehead, then there was nothing to worry about.

The development of coronary heart disease and other pathologies is directly related to the age at which men began to lose hair on the vertex, as well as the intensity of the process of baldness. If this happens before the age of 55, then the likelihood of developing heart disease rises by 44%. In this case, cases of slight hair thinning are considered more favorable than with intensive alopecia.

The proposed study can not be the basis for general panic, since they require refinement and further scientific study of the issue. Nevertheless, the results obtained should be taken into account. As noted by the researchers themselves, especially attentive to their health should be treated those men who notice a strong hair loss in the region of the crown. In such cases it is necessary to undergo diagnostic tests and examinations of the cardiovascular system.

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