The negative effect of stress on the heart is obvious

Author Ольга Кияница


Scientists in Britain conducted a series of experiments, during which the same high degree of negative impact of stress on the heart, as in a heart attack or heart attack, was proven.

"Takutsobo," or "broken heart syndrome," is best known to 3,000 adults living in the UK. This is official data, but in reality the number of "victims of stress" can be much greater. It is believed that under the influence of a strong emotional experience, the heart muscle weakens and loses its ability to recover, which as a result leads to the development of coronary heart disease.

Previously, doctors put forward the assumption of the negative effect of stress on the heart muscle, but it was believed that such a phenomenon is passing or is treatable. But today there is evidence that after weakening the cardiac muscle is not restored, so this process has the same negative impact on health as ischemia.

The study on the relationship between heart and stress was conducted for two years. With his help, it became clear that a long-ago negative event affects the quality of life in the future. Similar received confirmation on the images of MRI and USU, made in the study of the heart of patients with ill-fated syndrome.

The research was conducted by Dana Dawson, who works at the University of Aberdeen. She believes that the disease is extremely difficult and requires emergency medical care.

"With the help of our research it was possible to find out, then takatsubo requires immediate intervention, like any other heart disease, while patients in a number of cases are subject to long-term and constant treatment," she notes.

Cardiological effect is more often and more pronounced in women than in men. The provocative factor may be the most innocuous at first glance, while the victim takotsubo herself does not suspect a serious problem that has arisen.

"Takotsubo is a devastating disease that can quite unexpectedly arise in completely healthy people. Previously, we assumed that for such a life-threatening illness, temporary consequences are characteristic, but in fact after their appearance they continue to affect a person all their life, "said Professor Jeremy Pearson.

Finally it is worth noting that people who quickly eat food are also threatened with a whole bunch of diseases, so it is worth more attention to their health and to harmless at first glance habits.

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