Found a method for rapid recovery after a heart attack

Author Ольга Кияница


Myocardial infarction is a dangerous disease, which in some cases can contribute to the development of unfavorable conditions for the health and life of the patient. Therefore, the Irish scientists carried out research in the direction of strengthening the heart muscle, for which the patients were selected after the seizure. The results obtained give hope to many patients who previously suffered from a heart attack.

Scientists representing the University College of Cork, made a proposal to rescue victims of myocardial infarction by introducing a special protein. As the researchers note, it is enough to inject once, so that the heart muscle can recover as quickly and efficiently as possible.

According to the experiments performed, it is sufficient to inject small amounts of protein called insulin-like growth factor (IGF1) in order to save patients from the severe consequences of the post-infarction period.

Insulin-like growth factor 1 is a protein compound, which is similar in its functions and components to insulin. In the zone of its influence are the aging processes, so when mutating the gene responsible for IGF-1, there was an increase in life expectancy in experimental animals.

The main head of the project is Professor Noel Kaplis and in his opinion, the introduction of protein in a small amount can not be dangerous, but the state of the heart after a heart attack can significantly improve.

In the course of the study, various groups of patients were examined, and so the greater progress in cardiac recovery after infarction was noted in those to whom the IGF1 protein was introduced. Compared with people in the placebo group, who received a "saving" shot after a few months were in better shape.

"The scar, formed after myocardial infarction, often leads to the expansion of the heart chambers, but after using IGF1, the heart retains its shape much better," the researchers concluded.

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