Israeli cardiologists have proposed a new way of treating heart failure

Author Ольга Кияница


Cardiologists from the field of invasive surgery have found a solution in helping patients with heart failure diastolic type. Similar news was voiced by the doctor of the medical institution "Rambam", located in Israel.

Among all cardiovascular diseases, heart failure is the most dangerous in the world. Almost half of the patients die after diagnosing for 5 years. Pathology is primarily associated primarily with the lack of relaxation of the myocardium after its contraction, as a result of which the heart cavity can not fully fill with blood, and because of the lack of ejection the whole body suffers.

The disease is not only dangerous for the patient's life, but it significantly reduces its quality. A person with HF can not perform the most minimal physical work. He immediately has symptoms such as shortness of breath, heavy breathing, there may be swelling. Progression of the disease leads to the development of symptoms, even in a calm state, so scientists and doctors around the world have been engaged in the issue of helping patients with heart failure for several decades.

Israeli company Sorassist invented a new technology called CORolla. The basis of development is an elastic device that is implanted inside the left ventricle and after its installation begins to exert a force of direct internal action on the walls of the ventricle and septum. As a result, the contractility of the heart chamber is markedly improved.

The implantation of CORolla was already performed and the first patient was a 72-year-old Canadian. To perform surgical intervention, a minimally invasive route was chosen, so there was no need to open the thorax and subject the patient to general anesthesia. The whole process of implantation of the device was carried out through a special catheter. The man suffered from painful symptoms for many years, which manifested itself against the background of heart failure. After the operation, his condition improved markedly.

The surgical intervention was led by Professor Bolotov and, according to him, the dilator of the left ventricle CORolla can be considered an invaluable development. With its help, it will be possible to save many patients, doomed to death due to progressive heart failure.

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