Diagnosis of hypertension will be conducted in America by new standards

Author Ольга Кияница


Since mid-November, American cardiologists have changed the criteria for assessing patients for hypertension, so the ranks of hypertensive patients are replenished with new patients who are quite normal and do not suspect the presence of any disease.

Classification of signs of hypertension, acting before revision by the American Heart Association and the American College is as follows:

  1. At the first stage the arterial pressure should be within 130/80 - 139/89 mm. gt; Art.
  2. At the second stage the arterial pressure increased from 140/90 to 179/119 mm. gt; Art.
  3. At the third stage of the disease, they talked about a hypertensive crisis, as the blood pressure rose above 180/120 mm. gt; Patients in this state were subject to urgent hospitalization.

After the revision, the signs of the stages presented above shifted somewhat downwards, so now the first stage involves raising the arterial pressure to 130/80 mm. gt; Art. Therefore, patients with a similar disorder are placed on a dynamic account with the cardiologist. The "quantitative" indicator of the evaluation of hypertension was shifted in relation to stages 2 and 3, so many patients after the change from the category of potential hypertensive patients were referred to as "indisputable" or if the condition was previously classified, the condition could be worsened according to the classification criteria.

After the innovations, many Americans will be able to more closely monitor their health. It will be necessary to undergo medical examinations in a timely manner and take antihypertensive drugs, for which a considerable amount of money is allocated from the country's budget every year. But at the same time another category of the population is absolutely deprived of preferential medical insurance, so if they need it they will have to pay directly.

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