DASH Diet: The eighth consecutive year is recognized as the best in the world

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In January 2018, according to a report in the US News & World Report, the DASH diet was recognized as the best in the world. This is already the eighth year in a row, and all of this thanks to the maximum balance of the proposed power, along with its high efficiency.

Initially, the diet was designed for people with high blood pressure. Gradually, her scope expanded and today DASH is used to lower cholesterol in the blood, weight correction, control or prevention of diabetes, and improve the cardiovascular system.

The DASH diet is suitable for both meat eaters and vegetarians. The menu consists of vegetable, fruit and vegetable ingredients. If desired, nuts, dairy products without fat, lean meat, poultry and fresh fish may be added. Bread is generally recommended for whole grains. As a result, the body is saturated with useful vegetables and fruits, in combination with products rich in proteins. At first glance, such a menu can only be a little bit hungry, but with regular use of the diet, the body is rebuilt and starts to work in a new way.

Studies have shown that taking a diet for 14 days helps lower blood pressure, and it is not necessary to abandon sodium intake. This kind of food is great for patients with prehypertension or moderately high pressure.In severe forms of hypertension, the diet heals the body, promotes more adequate responses to the treatment.

The diet plan is scheduled for 28 days, the detailed recipes of which are given in a special edition available on the official website dashdiet.org. In addition, tips on nutrition in restaurants, places of fast food, at home are given. Particular attention is paid to the decision to use the DASH diet, as well as the development of an individual plan of action.

How can it be as painless as possible to switch to the DASH diet?


  • Every time you have to add vegetables for lunch or dinner.
  • Instead of cookies or pies between foods, it's best to squander fruits.
  • Instead of the usual portion of vegetable or butter, use only half.
  • Fat dairy products should be replaced with low fat.
  • The amount of meat should be limited to 200 g per day, while it is desirable to give preference to non-lean varieties.
  • Spicy snacks should be replaced with unsalted and skimmed beverages, which can be made from raw vegetables, yogurt, raisins and nuts.

The main purpose of the diet is not the weight loss, but the normalization of blood pressure. If the question is overweight, then you can independently correct the kilocalories, which on average make 2,000 kcal per DASH.

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