5 ways to eat healthy in 2018

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In the new year, many will want to realize the long-standing dream - to start to stick to a healthy diet to strengthen your well-being. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this. To begin with, it is recommended to use in practice five simple ways of healthy eating.

1. Eat slowly but confidently

There is a well-known saying: "It's a marathon, not a run." Today it is especially important as nutrition experts are strongly advised to apply a new approach to common products.

A new undertaking should be considered in such a way as to gradually bring it into a habitual way of life. To this end, it is important to put in place real and fully achievable goals to strengthen the health of the heart. Other long-term positive results may also be scheduled. A sharp decrease in body weight should not be an end in itself. Unfortunately, such a change often leads to a deterioration in well-being.

In a modern society, where fast food has become a regular part of daily nutrition, it's easier to think about how to add healthy food and not pick up anything.

"Choose something simple that you know what you can achieve - and start with a small one," said Dr. Linda Van Horn, Chief of Nutrition at the Department of Preventive Medicine at the Northwestern University of Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

Many Americans and Europeans do not eat fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities, so you should think about eating a piece or two fruits every day. This is not at all difficult, but with the regular use of this method, it is imperceptible for yourself to switch from bad habits to healthy eating.

If the problem is overweight, then the combination of physical activity with simple elements of healthy nutrition will allow faster achievement of positive results.

2. Enjoy homemade cuisine and save money

Cooking at home can guarantee its high nutrition, and in addition, it saves money.

You can find fresh products in a special market in the grocery store or in the local farmer market. Some large supermarkets offer products at lower prices. It's just enough to be selective in choosing the best quality.

If it is not possible to buy fresh vegetables, then there is an alternative - frozen. The only thing that these products should be without additives. Canned vegetables and fruits may also be used, preferably home cooking with a minimum amount of preservatives.

Get the right product helps with labels. It is desirable to study them thoroughly, then you can choose the fruit in your own juice, and not in sweet syrup.

If a person is not active, then you can "save" on protein expenditure, using beans or rice. Big needs should be met by consuming delicious dishes of lean meat or fresh fish.

Food shopping can be made most effective and useful if you look for the right products around the perimeter of the store or on the lowest shelves. At the same time expensive products, specially processed and with a lot of sugar, salt, preservatives, etc., are located high on shelves and in the most prominent places. Therefore, it is possible to buy not only with the benefit of health, but for the family budget.

3. Eat strategically

Fast food and food establishments are firmly rooted in the everyday life of many families. In fact, rarely who in public catering takes into account the nutritional value of the dish. That's why it's worth looking at such things strategically.

If you want to visit a restaurant, one should give preference to those who use in their kitchen a corn or soybean oil (high in polyunsaturated fats), olive oil and canola (high in monounsaturated fats). Also, instead of french fries or mashed potatoes, it is worthwhile to give preference to vegetables, and in addition to avoid complex sauces based pastes.

It is worth looking for restaurants that specialize in vegetarian dishes, used in the preparation of fresh fish or whole grains. Remember that you need to stay away from fried foods.

4. Beware of "popular" diets

Strongly advertised diets are often associated with the use of products from certain companies. Such a sales method is especially used during holidays and in summer. Of course, on TV, everything can be beautifully presented and presented, but in reality it is not worth waiting for fast results.

Over the past eight years, DASH has been widely recognized, which does not involve the use of special products. It is recommended by health organizations and the American Cardiology Association for anyone wishing to lower blood pressure, reduce weight or simply strengthen the cardiovascular system.

5. Drink with health benefits

Many people of today do not represent their lives without a soda or sweet drink, often used during meals. In fact, if you want to drink, you need to drink ordinary water.

Adults are advised to switch to sugar-free tea, black coffee or skim milk. It is better for children to use milk or water.

Medical research has confirmed the link between the use of sugar, including sweetened drinks, and the development of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, avoiding or restricting all kinds of sweet drinks can help with general health - and with a wallet.

So we want to think about how healthy it is to eat, and not to eat unhealthy calories.

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