Sedativ Pts tablets №40 (20х2)

Author Ольга Кияница


Amount in a package 40
Product form Pills
Manufacturer Laboratoires Boiron (France)
Registration certificate UA/9343/01/01
The main medicament -
morion code 122356

Sedativ PC-Laboratoires Boiron

General characteristics:

Dosage form: tablets are homogeneous, white, round, biconcave with a print of SEDATIF PC on one or both sides, odorless or with a slight odor.

composition: 1 tablet contains aconitum napelus 6 CH 0.5 mg, belladonna 6 CH 0.5 mg, calendula officinalis 6 CH 0.5 mg, Helidonium Maus 6 CH 0.5 mg,

abrus precatalus 6 CH 0.5 mg, viburnumus opulus 6 CH 0.5 mg;

Excipients: sucrose, lactose, magnesium stearate.

Form of issue . Pills.

Pharmacotherapeutic group. Homeopathic preparation.

Pharmacological properties. The drug has a sedative effect on the central nervous system.

Indications. The drug is used in the treatment of such diseases: a state of anxiety and increased excitation, neuro-vegetative dystonia, sleep disorders, irritability and nervousness in children and adults.

Application. Is taken internally. The tablet is kept in the mouth until it is completely resorbed.

For adults: 1 tablet in the morning, 1 tablet for lunch and 2 tablets in the evening before bedtime.

For children from 2 years: 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet at bedtime.

The course of treatment is 20 days.

If there is no improvement on the 3rd day of treatment, the drug should be consulted by a doctor.

Side effect. It is not revealed .

Contraindications. Hypersensitivity to any of the components of the drug.

Overdose. No cases of drug overdose have been reported.

Features of application. The effect of the drug in children younger than 2 years, pregnant and in women during lactation has not been studied. The effect of the drug on persons managing transport has not been studied.

Interaction with other drugs. While unknown.

Storage conditions. Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 4 to 25 C, out of the reach of children.

Shelf life - 5 years.

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