Mildrokard injection for 100mg / ml of ampoule 5ml №10

Author Ольга Кияница


Amount in a package 10
Product form Ampoules Solution
Manufacturer Niko Ltd. (Ukraine, Makeevka)
Registration certificate UA/10376/01/01
The main medicament -
morion code 130554

Mildrokard-Nico Ltd.


rr d / in. 100 mg / ml amp. 5 ml, No. 10

3- (2,2,2-trimethylhydrazinium) propionate dihydrate 100 mg / ml

No. UA / 10376/01/01 of 21.01.2010 until 21.01.2015


Pharmacodynamics. Cytoprotective, antianginal, antihypoxic, angioprotective agent. Being a structural analogue of the precursor of carnitine gamma-butyrobetaine and reversibly competing for the receptors responsible for the biosynthesis of carnitine gamma-butyrobetaine hydroxylase, it increases the content of gamma-butyrobetaine and reduces the concentration of carnitine in the cell, which leads to the induction of nitric oxide synthesis and restriction of the transport of long chain fatty acids in the mitochondria . Increases the content of fatty acids in the cytoplasm, prevents the accumulation of activated forms of unoxidized fatty acids (acylcarnitine and acylcoenzyme A). Under conditions of ischemia, restores the balance between the delivery of oxygen and its consumption in the cell, prevents disruption of the transport of adenosine triphosphate, activates glycolysis without additional consumption of oxygen, increases the content of creatine phosphate. Increases the activity of the most important enzymes in the cycle of aerobic oxidation of glucose-hexokinase and pyruvate dehydrogenase, prevents acidosis by reducing the formation of lactate. As a result, metabolic metabolism is optimized, the intensity of free radical reactions decreases, which leads to a decrease in damage to mitochondrial membranes, greater oxidation-conjugation with phosphorylation, and an increase in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate. Mildrocard normalizes vascular tone, improves blood rheology, promotes redistribution of blood flow to the ischemic zones in the brain, slows the formation of the necrotic zone in the myocardium, has a positive effect on the dystrophic changes in the retinal vessels.
With heart failure, the drug increases myocardial contractility, tolerance to physical activity, reduces the frequency of angina attacks. Increases the ability of the body to withstand physical and mental stress, quickly restoring energy reserves. Eliminates functional disorders of the nervous system in patients with chronic alcoholism with withdrawal syndrome.
Pharmacokinetics. Bioavailability is 100%. Metabolized in the body with the formation of two major metabolites, which are excreted by the kidneys. T is 3 6 h and depends on the dose.


complex therapy of ischemic heart disease (stable angina, myocardial infarction), heart failure, acute and chronic ischemic disorders of cerebral circulation, to eliminate the withdrawal syndrome in chronic alcoholism. Vascular pathology and dystrophic diseases of the retina (hemophthalmia and hemorrhage of various etiologies). Decrease in working capacity and physical activity.


Cardiovascular diseases. As part of the complex therapy, 5 10 ml (0.5 1 g) IV are prescribed, the whole dose is applied immediately or the dose is divided into 2 doses per day for 10 days, then they switch to the oral forms of the drug.
Acute disturbance of cerebral circulation. As part of complex therapy, 5 ml iv once a day for 10 days, then switch to oral forms of the drug.
Vascular pathology and dystrophic diseases of the retina. Assign 0.5 ml, retrobulbarno introduced for 10 days.
Decrease in working capacity and physical activity. 5 ml iv once a day for 10-14 days. If necessary, the therapy is repeated after 2 to 3 weeks.
Chronic alcoholism. As part of complex therapy, 5 ml iv twice a day for 7-10 days.
How to work with the ampoule.
Separate one ampoule from the block and shake, holding it by the neck.
Press the ampoule with your hand, while there should not be a release of the preparation, and turn the head and rotate the movements. Through the formed hole, immediately connect the syringe with the ampoule. Turn over the ampoule and slowly draw into the syringe its contents. Put the needle on the syringe and administer the drug.


increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug. Increase in intracranial pressure, including with violation of venous outflow, intracranial tumors. The period of pregnancy and lactation, children's age.


The drug is well tolerated, adverse reactions rarely develop.
From the cardiovascular system : tachycardia, multidirectional changes in blood pressure.
From the side of the central nervous system : psychomotor agitation.
From the digestive tract : dyspeptic phenomena.
Allergic reactions: itching, redness, rash, swelling.


in connection with the possibility of developing an exciting effect, the drug is used in the first half of the day. Mildrocard is not a first-line drug in the treatment of acute coronary syndrome.
Use with caution in diseases of the liver and / or kidneys, especially for a long time.
Use during pregnancy and lactation. The safety of Mildrocard in pregnancy and breastfeeding is not proven. To avoid possible adverse effects on the fetus or child, it is not recommended to prescribe the drug during pregnancy, if it is necessary to use lactation, breast-feeding should be discontinued.
Children. Do not apply.
The ability to influence the reaction rate when driving vehicles or working with other mechanisms. Patients should be warned about the need to be careful when working with potentially dangerous mechanisms and when driving vehicles, as it is possible to develop an exciting effect.


Mildrokard can be used simultaneously with antianginal drugs, anticoagulants, antiaggregants, antiarrhythmics, cardiac glycosides, diuretics, bronchodilators. Mildrokard can cause mild tachycardia and a decrease in blood pressure, so you should be careful when combining the drug with antihypertensive agents and peripheral vasodilators. Mildrocard potentiates the effect of coronaryolytics, hypotensive agents, cardiac glycosides.


Possible violations of the cardiovascular system, allergic reactions. Therapy is symptomatic.


In the original packaging at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. Do not freeze.

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