Treatment of spindle tachycardia

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Pathology is better known under another term - bidirectionally spindle-shaped ventricular tachycardia, which was proposed by the WHO working group. Another more well-known definition is a tachycardia of the type "pirouet". Depending on the cause of the disease, the appropriate treatment tactics are selected.

The spider-like tachycardia may be primary and secondary. The second form has a more favorable prognostic value, with the severity of the clinic more dependent on the underlying disease, on the background of which there was a rhythm disorder. If the primary form is determined, then its association with congenital pathologies (syndromes of Roman-Ward and Erwal-Lange-Nielsenen) is often noted.

During the development of spindle-shaped tachycardia, the Gissa-Purkinje system is affected, with paroxysms being triggered, mainly by ventricular extrasystoles.

With the help of an electrocardiogram, the basic diagnosis of rhythm disturbance is performed. The electrocardiogram shows changes both during the attack and in the interbreak period. The course of spindle-shaped tachycardia is often complicated by loss of consciousness, which is why it is extremely important that the treatment is properly performed with the provision of the necessary medical assistance.

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General recommendations

Patients with spindle-like tachycardia are necessarily hospitalized in the intensive care unit or in the intensive care unit.This is necessary in order to allow continuous monitoring of the patient's condition with the help of special equipment.

The flow of the disease is often complicated by a heart stop, so after the onset of the attack, it is necessary to start the indirect heart massage in a timely manner. In the event of respiratory arrest, artificial ventilation is performed on the lungs.


When the attack of a spindle tachycardia is stopped, a fist appears in the area of the sternum at a distance of not more than 30 cm. This method especially helps with its use immediately after the occurrence of a rapid heartbeat.

After eliminating a pathological condition in a short time, it can be restored again. In such cases, the above actions are repeated. If this is repeated repeatedly, then an electrical defibrillation of the heart is made.

Medicinal treatment of spindle-shaped tachycardia

It is important to establish the cause in the process of curing a spindle-like tachycardia attack. This will significantly reduce the risk of heart failure, as well as improve the overall well-being of the patient. In particular, correction of the following states may be required.

  • broken electrolyte exchange;
  • misuse of some medications.

The congenital form of spindle-shaped tachycardia is treated with propranolol, obesity, and indera. Using such drugs can reduce the heart rate. If their effectiveness is insufficient, diphenin is added to the dossier.


For the long-term treatment of spindle-type tachycardia, various combinations of drugs are used. The most commonly used antiarrhythmic drugs. Sometimes quinidine is used, but this medication may have a toxic effect, which will have to be neutralized with a solution of sodium lactate or an ornate.

Incorrect administration of antiarrhythmic drugs may be complicated by bradycardia and then a temporary electrical stimulation of the heart will be required.

Conducted treatment of spindle-shaped tachycardia requires constant monitoring by doctors and instrumental research methods, so until the restoration of normal heart rhythm, the patient remains in the hospital.

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