Treatment of vaginal bradycardia

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In disorders of the nervous system, various diseases can occur, including vagal bradycardia. This pathology often does not pose a particular danger to human health, but only in the absence of organic heart lesions. In such cases, an urgent treatment should be performed.

Vagus bradycardia is a combined pathology that develops on the background of a disturbance of the nervous system and cardiovascular activity. It may occur for various reasons, but most often - with increased tonus of the parasympathetic department of the nervous system.

Among extracardiac diseases, vagotonia occurs in 80% of children examined by a pediatrician. In many cases, in addition to increased parasympathetic activity, there is a slowed rhythm.

Among the diagnostic criteria are the absence of organic heart disease, the presence of neurological disorders, frequent emotional stress. As methods of investigation, an objective examination of the patient, electrocardiography is used.Also, the doctor and the cardiologist are advised. If the cause of the illness is established then the medications are prescribed.

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General recommendations

To normalize heart rhythm disturbance, you must first restore the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. Not always, therapy is started right away with medication. The first thing is trying to change the habitual way of life, the incorrect organization of which often contributes to various disorders. For this purpose, the following recommendations are used:

  • It is important to normalize the daily lifestyle, while it is worth taking away at night for at least 8 hours.
  • More time should be spent in the fresh air, especially for children with a defined vaginal bradycardia.
  • Physical loads should alternate with mental ones, this is especially true in those cases when the disease develops in childhood.
  • Viewing the TV as well as working on a computer should be kept to a minimum. To replace hypodynamic lessons you need more active pastime.

Auxiliary treatment for vagal bradycardia

It is most commonly used for the treatment of vaginal bradycardia in children, as it is at younger age that most often there is a syndrome of autonomic dysfunction (CDA) and its accompanying bradycardia. If the clinical severity of the pathology is insignificant, then they are treated only as auxiliary treatment, in more complex cases, complex therapy with medication drugs is performed.

The main types of auxiliary therapy that precede or complement the medication:

  1. Physical exercises. With the correct selection of classes you can have a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the child. Swimming, table tennis, moderate walking is often recommended. Winter sports include ice skating and skiing.Group sports are good for everyone, so in exceptional cases football, volleyball and basketball are suitable. Also worthwhile with caution concerns boxing and wrestling, as these exercises contribute to nervous overload.
  2. Nutrition . In the presence of SDA, particular attention should be paid to nutrition, which should be saturated with vitamins and trace elements. When carving it is necessary to use more fluids, both with food and in free form. It is useful to include in the diet peas, buckwheat porridge, kefir, coffee with milk and tea, and give chocolate, chocolate candy, compotes and juices for dessert.
  3. Psychotherapy . Has a key role in the treatment of vaginal bradycardia. It is important for a patient to reconsider their behavior, everyday reactions and attitude to ordinary things. As a result, after a rebound in changing lifestyle, a diet of nutrition is often the subject of improved well-being.
  4. Water treatments . There are various types of water effects that help cope with parasympathetic activity and, as a consequence, enhance the cardiovascular function. In particular, it uses a sauna, a circulating shower, swimming, therapeutic baths. It is useful to pass balneotherapy, as well as scrubbing with cold water, pouring. The beneficial effect on the parasympathetic effect is on radon, syrup and coniferous baths.
  5. Physiotherapy Most often, electrophoresis is performed on the collar zone using 1% solution of mesatone or caffeine, 5% solution of calcium chloride. Also, acupuncture, galvanization method has a beneficial effect.
  6. Massage Especially shown when combining vagal bradycardia with hypotonia. Areas of influence - calf muscles, hands, cervical-collar zone.

Medicinal treatment of vagal bradycardia

It is used with insufficient effectiveness of the above-mentioned methods of auxiliary therapy of vagal bradycardia.Often, pharmacological agents do not immediately apply, but begin with phytotherapy. In particular, use hawthorn, St. John's wort, with increased anxiety - valerian, honeysuckle.

Drug therapy mainly includes drugs from the group of neuroleptics and anxiolytics. The mechanism of action of the drug is similar, since it affects the limbic-reticular complex, which in turn involves emotional and vegetative centers.Therefore, when the emotional excitability decreases, the activity of the autonomic department of the nervous system is normalized.

The vagotonic type of disorder involves taking the following drugs:

  • Amisiyl - one tablet per day.
  • Belaspon - up to three pills a day.
  • Rudottel - one tablet.
  • Grandaksin - one tablet.

These drugs refer to tranquilizers, which are accepted courses, lasting no more than 4-6 weeks.

Vagotonichesky SVD is treated with the help of plant psychostimulants. Such agents are especially shown to children who have moderate symptoms of a pathology. With the help of the presented drugs, the activity of the sympathetic nervous system increases, which in turn leads to the normalization of the heart rate.

Vegetative psychostimulants include caffeine, tincture from the ginseng root, eleutherococcus, pantocrine, zamanichi, Chinese lemongrass, pink rodiola.

Additional means in the treatment of vagal bradycardia are coenzyme-containing or combining trace elements and vitamins. Such preparations are Multi tabs, Magnesium B6, calcium lactate, hypochlorite or phosphate, Beta-carotene and Coenzyme Q10. In addition, vaginal activity involves the use of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins C and B6.

If besides vagal bradycardia there is an increased arterial pressure, then drugs are being taken to reduce it, which makes it possible to prevent the development of serious complications.

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