Treatment of vagal arrhythmia

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Disorders of the autonomic nervous system by type of vagotonia may be complicated by heart rhythm disorders. These conditions do not pose a danger to the health or life of a person, but they can affect his emotional sphere. It is therefore desirable to treat the treatment of vagal arrhythmia in order to feel in an excellent form.

Vagus arrhythmia (BA) has a direct relationship with the increased activity of the parasympathetic department of the autonomic nervous system. The more pronounced vagotonia, the more likely arrhythmia may appear, which often takes the form of bradycardia, not so often - tachycardia or extrasystoles.

Vagus arrhythmia is not included in the international classification of 10 diseases, so it is not an independent disease. The use of this term is often associated with a clinical diagnosis of a patient's condition.

The presence of arrhythmia in vagotonia does not contribute to hemodynamic disorders, therefore, pathology does not pose a threat to humans. The only thing that can be frustrating is the development of attacks, which in some cases become quite frequent. Therefore, it is worth using medicines and drugs to treat vagal arrhythmia, so that the patient can feel more free.

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General recommendations

There are general guidelines that are suitable for patients with pathology of both the nervous system and cardiovascular.Some of them are not always remembered, others believe that their execution is not required. In fact, with their help you can tune in to recovery.

  • We need to establish a calm situation in almost all spheres of life.
  • The body should have a good rest, for which it is necessary to adjust the eight-hour sleep.
  • Proper nutrition is very important for healing, so you should eat less fried, greasy, salty and sweet dishes, that is, a bigger slope to do dietary nutrition.
  • Hypodynamia negatively affects the work of all organs, including the heart and nervous system, so you need to move more and more often in the fresh air.
  • The rejection of bad habits will only intensify all actions aimed at recovery.

Patients with disorders of the nervous system are often recommended to visit relaxation groups. The ability to relax positively affects the activity of the heart and nervous system. Sometimes, intellectual activity helps to distract from anxious thoughts about a serious illness that is not really so terrible. Therefore, if possible, it is necessary to perform mental tasks, to create those kinds of classes that help to tune in to positive.

Medicinal treatment of vagal arrhythmia

The disease is associated with two systems of the body, therefore the medical treatment of vagal arrhythmia should be directed to each of them.

Common aspects of the treatment of vagal arrhythmia:

  • The use of soothing medications that will help to remove the attack of vagotonia and, at the same time, to adjust the work of the heart.
  • The use of drugs that increase the pressure when lowering it.
  • Appointment of drugs for arrhythmia with pronounced attacks and significant disregard for patients with discomfort.

Treatment of vagal arrhythmia is carried out for a long time. This is not a cold that can take 5-7 days, if there are no complications. Therefore, patience and tranquility are important in this matter.

In complex cases, when besides arrhythmias there is a depressive condition, frequent hypochondria, not eliminated by phytotherapy and the implementation of general recommendations, are prescribed neuroleptics and anxiolytics.

Treatment of vagal arrhythmia by folk remedies

Phytotherapy is the first thing to do with vagotonia and arrhythmia, which arose on the background of a disorder of nervous activity. First of all, calming phytochemistry and planting fees are used. The recipe for soothing herbal tea, suitable for adults and children, offers the following:

  • St. John's wort;
  • valerian;
  • sage;
  • hawthorn

Grasses are mixed in equal proportions and each day brew a tablespoon on a glass of boiling water. Drink in equal parts three times a day. If desired, the infusion can be sweetened with a teaspoon of natural honey.

Treatment of vagal arrhythmia is directly related to the severity of the disease. In light cases, in order to improve the state, it is enough to restrict the implementation of general recommendations. If the symptoms of arrhythmia and vagotonia are often worried, then calming phytochees or plant fees are used. In complex cases, medicines can be prescribed in the form of neuroleptics. At the same time, it's important to remember that achieving a stable normal state can be achieved with a long course of treatment of 6-12 months.

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