Treatment of transient tachycardia

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In some diseases, transient, or transient, tachycardia develops. Its occurrence is often undesirable, as rhythm disturbances can complicate the condition of the disease. But often enough it is necessary to remove the reason of occurrence of the accelerated heartbeat so that after a while the rhythm has come to the norm.

Transient tachycardia is a purely clinical definition that is far from being recognized by all doctors because of its absence in the International Classification of Diseases. Often it develops in conditions such as fever, severe pain, physical activity, taking some tonic medicines or the use of strong coffee and alcohol.

Its mechanism of occurrence is similar to sinus tachycardia. Can be perceived as a compensatory, that is, protective, reaction of the organism to external stimuli.

It is desirable to examine patients with a disease, because it is possible to have hidden disorders of the conducting system of the heart, which provoke the development of rhythm disturbance. After establishing the exact diagnosis, appropriate treatment for transient tachycardia is prescribed, which in some cases is not required because of the independent resolution of the disorder.

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General recommendations

Patients in the first place should not exacerbate the course of the underlying disease or condition, against which a transient tachycardia arose. With the development of rhythm disturbance during harmless at first sight, the situation (after using strong coffee, alcohol, excessive physical activity) should also be considered. Perhaps it is the first call that the heart begins to "chatter". Therefore, it is worthwhile to perform general cardiologist advice given to all patients with cardiovascular diseases.

  • The number of stressful situations should be minimized, as many studies have proven that excessive emotional experiences affect the work of the heart.
  • From bad habits (smoking, alcohol intake) should be discarded, as otherwise the risk of developing cardiac disease increases several times.
  • Physical activity should be strong, that is, you must abandon hypodynamia, but without falling into the other extreme - a debilitating physical load.
  • Nutrition should be enriched with useful foods from the heart, as high quality "building material" should be provided for normal work of the body.

Lech Transit-Tah

It is far from always possible to manage to stop an attack of a rhythm disturbance when a person no longer has it.Therefore, in the case of transient tachycardia, one can manage to even out the situation and start to act correctly.

Medicinal treatment of transient tachycardia

In the present pathology is often not used, because the timely removal of the root cause (pain, fever, emotional over-voltage) allows you to bring the heart rate to normal. In extreme cases antiarrhythmic drugs can be used in small doses.But with subjective intolerance of an attack of a rapid heartbeat, it is better to use tincture of honeysuckle or hawthorn, which will help to remove unpleasant symptoms.

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