Treatment of sinus tachycardia

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The determination of arrhythmia in children, pregnant women and adults requires timely and effective therapy. For each patient, an individually-selected treatment for sinus tachycardia is prescribed, helping to cope with attacks and lead an active lifestyle.

Arrhythmia is a violation of the heart's rhythm, in which there is an increase or decrease in pulse, a change in sinus rhythm. The causes of the disorder can be external (extracardial) and internal (cardiac) factors. The sinus tachycardia is most often the reaction of the body to extracardiac stimuli, which can be infectious diseases, feverish states, increased tone of the sympathetic nervous system, ischemia and heart disease.

In sinus tachycardia, sinus rhythm does not change, so the normal melody of the heart is maintained.

The main symptom of sinus tachycardia is a smooth increase in the heartbeat and the same gradual calming of the heart. In some cases, the diagnosis of sinus tachycardia is put at the doctor's appointment, but often prescribes an electrocardiogram with which to establish the exact form of rhythm disturbance. Clinical prognosis for this disease is favorable, so it is worth considering in more detail the treatment of sinus tachycardia of heart in various modern ways.

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General recommendations

For the purpose of effective treatment, the doctor first of all is informed about those diseases already existing in the patient. It can be thyrotoxicosis, hypertonic disease, infectious disease. Also, the presence of coronary heart disease, transmitted myocardial infarction, may indicate a possible cause of tachycardia. Treatment of the underlying disease will help to get rid of arrhythmias as soon as possible.

Benign tachycardia, which is not accompanied by a hemodynamic disorder, does not require specific treatment. When combining organic heart disease with sinus tachycardia, treatment is carried out by a cardiologist, and, if necessary, a doctor of another profile is connected.

There is a list of general guidelines that should be used by each patient undergoing treatment at a cardiologist or observing heart problems. The most important thing is to change the way of life. Start eating right, with the inclusion of useful products for the heart: apples, cabbage, watermelon, carrots, low-fat varieties of fish and meat, flax oil pr.


If there are bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse) - abandon them. In the case of hypodynamia, you need to take up a suitable sport. Also, the heart "likes" fresh air, calm walks with people close by spirit or just thinking in nature. It is important to give up stress in any of its forms, since a patient with arrhythmia may have a fairly normal dispute due to trifles.

General procedures to help strengthen the cardiovascular system:

  • relaxing baths;
  • contrast shower;
  • swimming pool;
  • massage;
  • physiotherapy;
  • therapeutic physical education.

Medicinal treatment of sinus tachycardia

Often used in the case of determining the patient's concomitant pathology.

Group blister pack of pills. Remedy isolated.

That is, sinus tachycardia is associated with another disease, which is essentially the cause of its occurrence. Therefore, without treatment of the underlying disease, it will not be possible to achieve the effectiveness of the treatment of arrhythmia.

  • Sinus tachycardia with thyrotoxicosis is treated with the help of the basic preparations in the form of thyreostatics (Mercazolil) and beta-blockers (bisoprolol), which help to normalize the cardiac rhythm. In the presence of contraindications to beta-blockers, calcium antagonists (verapamil) are prescribed.
  • Sinus tachycardia with reduced hemoglobin (anemia) is treated mainly by iron containing preparations (ferrum-lek).Additionally, complex medications from vitamins and trace elements may be prescribed. Patients in this category rarely prescribe antiarrhythmic drugs.
  • Tachycardia is treated with a bleeding stroke and a further appointment of medicines to fill the blood volume in the body with blood loss. It may be a freshly frozen plasma, saline, erythrocyte mass.
  • Sinus tachycardia in combination with organic heart defects requires the use of various cardiac drugs: glycosides, diuretics, antiarrhythmic drugs.
  • If arrhythmia occurs in the context of neurogenic disorders or frequent emotional excitement, then consultation with a psychotherapist, who may, if necessary, use hypnosis treatment or teach the practice of autotraining. It is possible to use sedative means in the form of luminale, relanium.

Surgical treatment of sinus tachycardia

The disease may acquire a malignant course that can not be corrected by medical treatment. To prevent heart failure due to coronary insufficiency, which occurs during prolonged sinus tachycardia, cardiologists are recommended for surgical treatment of arrhythmia.

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The main types of surgical therapy for sinus tachycardia:

  • A complete intervention on the heart, expressed in stenting, bypassing, angioplasty of the narrow arteries, as a result of which normal blood flow through the vessels of the heart is restored.
  • Radiofrequency ablation is a modern method of minimally invasive surgical intervention, which consists in burning pathological focuses in the heart.
  • Implantation of a pacemaker is a short-term operation that helps to avoid life-threatening complications associated with the progression of sinus tachycardia.

Treatment of sinus tachycardia by folk remedies

Phytotherapy, or folk remedies, sinus tachycardia is suitable for reflex or compensatory forms of the disease. Can be used as an add-on to medical therapy. It is important, however, that all methods of treating people's remedies be coordinated with the treating cardiologist.

  • Herbal fees are mainly prepared from plants that have sedative effects. In particular, it is possible to use the dried roses of valerian, grass of the tortoiseshell, and the fruit of the anise. It is important to remember that cooked dishes should be protected from moisture, light and pests. They are usually used in freshly prepared form.
  • Tinctures and infusions are created on the basis of valerian, melissa, coriander. Plants are taken in dried form and, depending on the recipe, insist on a few hours (infusions on water) for up to 10 days (tincture on alcohol). Take medications better than courses, between which is a break in two weeks.
  • Herbal teas are very useful for heart muscle, if cooked from such plants as stingray, hawthorn, rosehip, valerian, mint.

Treatment of sinus tachycardia in children

Children are prone to various types of arrhythmias and often do not complain about violations of the heart rate. But in some cases, the heartbeat may noticeably worsen the baby's condition. Then it is recommended to help in the form of opening access to fresh air: it may be a tower, a door, with a possible walk on the street or at least an exit to the balcony.If on a child tight fastened shirt - to unbutton, tight clothes - to remove. In addition, a wet scarf or towel should be applied to the forehead.

The doctor should be called while maintaining tachycardia despite the actions taken. Assigned drugs are often taken from the sedative group and consist mainly of medicinal herbs. Pharmacological drugs are used only on the recommendation of the cardiologist, who makes an individual treatment plan for each patient.

Basic principles of treatment for sinus tachycardia in children:

  • To begin with, the cause of the cause of arrhythmia is determined, and then appropriate treatment for the underlying disease is prescribed.
  • Neurogenic disorders are treated according to neurological appointments, supplemented by cardiology drugs.
  • Endocrine disorders are diagnosed and treated with the help of an endocrinologist, who in turn advises with the cardiologist if necessary.
  • In anemic conditions, compensatory tachycardia often develops after the administration of iron-containing drugs.
  • At high temperatures, a reflex tachycardia can occur, which is sufficient to eliminate the antipyretics.

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Treatment of sinus tachycardia in pregnant women

If the woman does not have organic heart lesions (valve malformations, myocarditis), then sinus tachycardia is temporary and does not require specific treatment. To eliminate it, it may be enough to adjust physical and emotional peace.

What can help a pregnant woman during an attack of sinus tachycardia

  1. Should lie and level your breath.
  2. If you have the skills of an autotraining, take advantage of them
  3. Include relaxing music and drink freshly squeezed juice.

It is important to remember that the cardiovascular system during pregnancy undergoes a considerable load, therefore it is not necessary to worry with a rapid heartbeat. If attacks of arrhythmias are prolonged, nausea or vomiting is felt, one should contact a doctor. Outpatient treatment is performed with frequent heart rhythm disturbances, which is accompanied by fainting conditions.

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Timely treatment of sinus tachycardia helps to avoid significant hemodynamic abnormalities. Existing methods of therapy allow to improve the condition of the patient, and in a number of cases - to completely get rid of arrhythmia. The main thing is positive mood and belief in the success of the treatment.

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