Treatment of sinus arrhythmia

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Many people today are characterized by various forms of rhythm disturbance. Some of them are safe, others require specific therapy. If there is a disorder of hemodynamics, then the treatment of sinus arrhythmias in the heart is mandatory.

n most of the planet's population, sinus arrhythmia is determined. If she is not accompanied by a pronounced clinic, then it's not necessary to worry about her. But in the case of symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, dizziness, half-abnormal or faint state, then the appropriate therapy is immediately assigned.

Sinus arrhythmia is a rhythm abnormal in which cardiac contractions are determined at different intervals, while the order of reduction of heart cells remains normal.

In childhood, sinus arrhythmia often occurs, and without clinical manifestations it is considered a physiological state.With age, she can independently pass. In rare cases, people begin to experience severe discomfort, and then appropriate medications and drugs are prescribed for the treatment of sinus arrhythmia.

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General recommendations

Light manifestations of rhythm disturbance are successfully removed by performing general recommendations.

  • It's important to stick to a diet that eliminates fatty and sweet foods, with increased fruits and vegetables.
  • There should be a positive attitude that will help not to be subjected to stressful situations, it is easier to bear the arising problems.
  • Physical load should not be completely excluded, it should be tempered and performed with pleasure.
  • The work should be alternated with rest so that the heart muscle does not strain excess.
  • Unhealthy habits are very damaging to the cardiovascular system, especially the drinking, smoking, and the use of abuse, so they need to be abandoned.


The following treatments will help to improve your well-being:

  • Acupuncture - by means of special needles, acts on biologically active points and thus activates or weakens the activity of the cardiovascular system.
  • Physiotherapy - in certain areas, they are exposed to heat, electricity, or magnetic fields, which makes the heart begin to work smoothly.
  • Psychotherapy - with the help of techniques of autotraining, it is faster and more efficient to cope with emotional stresses.

Medicinal treatment of sinus arrhythmia

The decision to prescribe a specific treatment for sinus arrhythmia is taken by the cardiologist. In most cases, the situation goes hand-in-hand with the implementation of general recommendations, and sometimes calming remedies, which are most often produced from plants, can be prescribed.

Today, a large number of antiarrhythmic drugs are produced in the form of blockers of calcium channels, cardiac glycosides, membrane stabilizing agents, which are categorically not recommended for taking without a medical consultation.

Arrhythmia can occur in the type of bradycardia or vice versa tachycardia, and in each individual case, an individual treatment plan is drawn up. If in a patient, other than sinus arrhythmias, other cardiac diseases are determined, then the appointment of arrhythmics is carried out in order to prevent the progression of the underlying disease. It can be sotalol, bisoprolol, etc.

Treatment of sinus arrhythmia by means of folk remedies

At home, arrhythmia is often treated with folk remedies. Such a method is suitable only for mild degrees of rhythm disturbance, in which there is no hemodynamic disorders. Some preparations are prepared on the basis of plants (lily of the valley, belladonna, digitalis), but using them without the consent of the physician is not recommended because of the possibility of severe consequences.

Healing herbs and medicinal bottles. Alternative medicine concept

Today in the pharmacy you can buy alcohol tincture of hawthorn, honeysuckle, valerian. They are inexpensive and quite often used to balance the nervous system. One of the options for taking them is to mix three tincture and take it to meal three times a day. Some patients are contraindicated in alcoholic ingredients, then you can apply other recipes from the piggy bank folk medicine.

  • Of the 20 apricot kernels, the stomachs are peeled and ground. Next, a half kilogram of honey is mixed with the same amount of finely chopped lemon. All the ingredients are mixed and taken twice a day with a tablespoon.
  • Freshly prepared mashed apples and onions are also useful. For this recipe is taken wiped one apple and finely chopped small bow on the head. Take the mixture you need between meals several times a day for a month.
  • The gardeners can grow up right on the bed for a useful tool for the heart. Taken dill, parsley, root of celery, everything is crushed and filled with mayonnaise. You can add some salt to your taste.

Treatment of sinus arrhythmia in children

Children are very receptive to different emotional situations, perhaps because of this, they often have not only defined sinus arrhythmias in the form of respiratory, but also sinus bradycardia. But due to the intense growth of the body and with the correct mode of the day, full-fledged nourishment in most cases, various disorders of the rhythm until the end of adolescence successfully pass.

When treating sinus arrhythmias in a child it is important to observe several conditions:

  • Even with arrhythmia, the child must move, so instead of forbidding to run, not jump it is better to choose a suitable sporting activity together with the doctor.
  • The young organism should be more often in the fresh air, not near the computer or in front of the TV, therefore even in relatively good weather it is necessary to find time to walk.
  • A quiet home environment is very important for children, so any problems should be solved after a wave of indignation.


After determining any form of arrhythmias, even clinically not expressed, the child is under the supervision of a cardiologist.

In some cases not only sinus arrhythmia, but also other cardiovascular disease or other system is determined. Then the treatment of the underlying disease, which, often, has become the cause of rhythm disturbance. Antibacterial, antiviral, antitumor treatment may be used for this, or surgical intervention will be performed to correct valve malformation.Subsequently, antiarrhythmic drugs are prescribed taking into account age and indications, and the courses of therapy with mildronate or elcoma are performed to restore the body.

Treatment of sinus arrhythmia during pregnancy

The incidence of arrhythmia in pregnant women is up to 20%, with no hemodynamic disturbances. Such conditions do not require specific treatment and can be corrected by the implementation of general recommendations. If the woman has organic lesions of the heart (valve malformations, myocarditis, coronary heart disease), then an individual treatment scheme for the pregnant woman with sinus or any other form of arrhythmia is selected.


A combination of sinus arrhythmias with late gestosis is considered to be severe, as the risk of preeclampsia and eclampsia increases.

Pregnant women with cardiovascular disease are under the close attention of doctors. Often, during childbirth, obstetric forceps are being delivered by labor. Also, there is always a resuscitation brigade nearby, ready at any moment to render assistance to the mother and the child.

Arrhythmia video for pregnant women

Sinus arrhythmias often occur favorably, therefore, a specific treatment is often not performed. If in a patient, besides a rhythm disturbance, the organic pathology of the heart is determined, then the scheme of therapy is made according to the individual characteristics of the person and the standards of treatment. In any case, all appointments should be performed by the cardiologist or arrhythmologist.

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