Treatment for cardiac arrhythmia

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Treatment for cardiac arrhythmia includes many recommendations, techniques, and methods. The choice of therapy is on an individual basis, so even the advice of friends can not help in this matter. It is best to contact a cardiologist or an arrhythmogologist right away.

Cardiac arrhythmia is a violation of the rhythm, which is accompanied by a decrease or increase in heart rate, the appearance of symptoms such as palpitations, shortness of breath, fainting conditions.

Cardiac arrhythmia is often seen as a complication of another disease, which is the main cause of rhythm disturbance. It can be cardiovascular disease, thyrotoxicosis, diabetes mellitus.

Some forms of cardiac arrhythmias are asymptomatic. They are practically impossible to diagnose clinically, so they are helped by an ECG in their determination. But even such violations of the rhythm should not be left without attention. The treatment of cardiac arrhythmias should be done according to the indications and with its help it will be possible to prevent more complex conditions.

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General recommendations

When detecting cardiac arrhythmia, it is important to organize day mode correctly. It is also useful to include in the daily diet such products as oranges, dried apricots, cranberries, beets, carrots, nuts.

In the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, not only medications and drugs play an important role, but also the observance of medical recommendations. Some of them can be expressed in the following:

  • Accept prescribed funds and, if necessary, inform the doctor about any side effects.
  • Full-time rest and not over-strain, at the same time at all eliminate the physical load should not be, but only moderately apply it.
  • Eliminate bad habits and stressful situations that directly affect the work of the heart.


Medicinal treatment of cardiac arrhythmia

The tactic of treating heart arrhythmia is to receive special medications that help eliminate the symptoms and improve the outlook for the disease. In particular, the following directions of therapy are distinguished:

  • Thrombolytic treatment, consisting in the use of antithrombotic drugs. This may be cardiological aspirin, clopidogrel.Their use reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke during an arrhythmia attack.
  • Cardiotonic treatment, including the administration of those drugs that can strengthen the heart muscle. In particular, mildronate, ATP, riboxin is prescribed. With their help stomach and resistance to hypoxia of cardiomyocytes increases.
  • Arrhythmic therapy - special medicines and drugs for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias are prescribed. The dose is individually adjusted and the rate of reception is calculated. Their regular use reduces the risk of recurring attacks, and when they occur, the severity and duration of paroxysm may decrease.

Cardiac arrhythmia often acts as a complication, so first of all it is necessary to treat the main disease, then the dynamics of rhythm disturbance will change for the better.

Treatment of cardiac arrhythmia by means of folk remedies

Like drug treatment, phytotherapy is aimed at strengthening the heart and blood vessels, reducing the risk of thrombotic formation. To do this, select the appropriate products or plants that help you cope with your arrhythmia during an attack.

  • Natural thrombolytic remedies. Spices should be distinguished from garlic, roast pepper, ginger. From plants - the roots of licorice and dagel, leaves of sage, hawthorn and hazelnut, juice of kalanchoe and aloe, grass of the donnik.Also, flax seed, olive oil and sesame oil, seafood contribute to the dilution of blood.
  • The strengthening of the walls of the vessels can be carried out with the help of the following plants: spores, meduches of medicinal, dandelion, field horsetail, primrose, raspberry, birch.
  • Antiarrhythmic action is given by the fruits of such plants as figs, grapes, hawthorn, rosehips, peaches, apricots.
  • Enhances potato heart work.


During pregnancy, cardiac arrhythmia may also occur, which could not disturb the woman at all until this condition. To cope with attacks and not to harm the baby, you can use a collection of herbs such as sturgeon, peppermint, digestive, root of aira, cow, horse chestnut, mother and stepmother. All plants are useful to the heart, therefore, with proper phytotherapy, it is possible to noticeably improve the general condition.

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For cardiac arrhythmias, the prognosis is often favorable. The timely prescribed treatment of rhythm disturbance promotes the earliest recovery. In addition, you can always strengthen the cardiovascular system with healing folk remedies.

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