Treatment for relapsing tachycardia

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The most unfavorable form of rhythm disturbance is continuously recurrent tachycardia. Her treatment should be made obligatory as it can cause ventricular fibrillation. Modern therapy of this pathology is based on the use of various anti-remitting drugs.

Recurrent tachycardia manifests itself after a temporary normal heart rhythm, while an attack of arrhythmia has already been stopped. Her development worsens the prognostic conclusion, so ignore this disease should not be.

The occurrence of recurrent tachycardia may be associated with atrium and ventricles. A more unfavorable flow is observed in the ventricular tachycardia complicated by the failure of the left ventricle.

The diagnosis of relapsing tachycardia is associated with the determination of the location of the pathological focal point, the severity of recurrent attacks, the presence of concomitant diseases, especially the cardiovascular system. Also must be determined previously taken drugs, the presence of side effects.


General recommendations

Before the treatment begins, there is an accompanying but extremely important information. With its help you can choose an effective remedy for recurrent tachycardia.

The following points need to be specified:

  • Not accompanied by an onset of anxiety, convulsions, a feeling of suffocation, involuntary urination and severe pain in the heart.
  • What drugs have been taken recently, how effective they are in the treatment process.
  • Are there concomitant diseases of other organs (thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pancreas) and heart in particular.
  • Whether such conditions are observed by close relatives, if they exist, how they deal with them and whether there were no lethal outcomes.


It is especially important to find out which drug the tachycardia attack was stopped last time, as it is highly likely that with the recurrence of a recurrent tachycardia it will also work.

Medicinal treatment of recurrent tachycardia

The baseline therapy includes anti-rheumatic antiarrhythmic drugs that can be taken for a long time. The selection of drugs is carried out by the doctor individually, with the effectiveness of therapy is noted in 50% of patients.

Amiodarone and sotalol are modern antiarrhythmic drugs that are most commonly used in antirecurring therapy. Drugs from other pharmacological groups may also be used, which are especially relevant in the case of a previously infected myocardial infarction.

Preparations for the treatment of recurrent tachycardia:

  • Beta-adrenergic blockers - metoprolol, atenolol, bisoprolol.
  • ACE inhibitors - lysinopril, enalapril - the action is manifested in the form of a decrease in blood pressure and relaxation of the walls of the vessels, resulting in the heart experiencing less load and not so often reduced.
  • Antiagregants - polycardia, aspirin, aspirin-cardio - liquefy blood, thus preventing thromboembolism.
  • Statins - lovastatin, atorvastatin - lower the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.


Each drug may have a side effect, so it is extremely important to use them according to the doctor's purpose, in order to minimize the negative effects.

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Radical treatment of recurrent tachycardia

In some cases, tachyarrhythmia attacks continue to arise in the face of antiarrhythmic therapy. Their appearance threatens fibrillation of the ventricles, which often leads to death of the patient, so if possible, radical methods of treatment of continuously recurrent tachycardia are used.

  • RF ablation is today the method of choice, since it allows you to get rid of rhythm disturbance in 95% of cases. It enters into a physical attack on a pathological site or additional pathways, leading to the elimination of the root cause of tachycardia.
  • Implantation of a cardioverter defibrillator - the device allows to prevent sudden cardiac arrest or development of ventricular fibrillation. Works automatically with built-in power supplies.
  • Heart transplantation is performed in particularly difficult cases when no other methods and medical treatment help.

The timely treatment of recurrent tachycardia helps to avoid serious complications that threaten life. If properly selected drugs, then you can significantly improve the quality of human life.

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