Treatment of pacemaker tachycardia

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The use of a pacemaker can lead to a number of complications. Each of them develops only on the background of the work of the EKS and for no other reason. If the patient in such a situation does not render timely assistance and does not carry out appropriate treatment, then the quality of life of a person may decrease noticeably.

Pacemaker tachycardia refers to complications arising from a disturbed pacemaker operation. In addition to tachycardia, such patients may experience shock, hypotension, edema, neurological disorders, dizziness, headaches, confusion, etc. All these symptoms are part of the pacemaker syndrome.

The most characteristic symptom of the psyche syndrome is the appearance of fatigue on the background of moderate physical activity. The usual work is carried out after applying additional efforts, which has not been noted before.

The process of formation of the paysmaker syndrome is rather complicated, but the main thing is that the patient significantly deteriorates the quality of life. Therefore, it is extremely important to use existing treatment methods in time to improve the condition of a person.

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Non-medicated treatment of pacemaker tachycardia

There are several ways to help patients with pacemaker tachycardia:

  1. Programmable electrical pacemaker.
  2. Recovery of atrioventricular synchronism.
  3. Prevention of ventriculoatrilic conduct.


The electrical pacemaker is a process of checking several components: the patient's heart, electrodes, and pacemaker.

Basic steps for pacing the pacemaker:

  • Estimation of the functionality of the EKS and associated electrodes.
  • Checking the work program of stimulation, using the options for correction of program parameters, as well as their indicators.
  • The assessment of the efficiency of the power supply, if desired, optimally adjusts the energy parameters of the device.

During the functional check, the recording of the electrocardiogram is restored, as well as the use of provocative tests.Some models have additional diagnostic techniques and functions.

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