Treatment of intercostal arrhythmia

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Violation of the heart rhythm may develop for various reasons and intercostal neuralgia is one of them. Often, heart palpitations are not required in such cases. Sometimes the treatment of intercostal arrhythmia is still prescribed, mainly in the case of subjective intolerance to the pathology of the patient.

Intercostal arrhythmia (MA) is a complication of acute inflammatory disease - intercostal neuralgia. With this pathology, the sympathetic part of the nervous system is exacerbated, which reflexively affects cardiac activity.Tachycardia, the main symptom of which is a rapid heartbeat, develops.

Intercostal arrhythmia often runs asymptomatic and, in rare cases, can bring a noticeable discomfort to the patient.

Diagnosis of rhythm disturbance is performed using a standard electrocardiogram during an attack. With proper treatment of the underlying disease, it will not be necessary to prescribe drugs and drugs for the treatment of intercostal arrhythmias. For this, the first symptoms should be addressed to the neurologist, who, if necessary, will refer to the cardiologist for consultation.

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General recommendations

Patients with intercostal neuralgia are mostly undergoing treatment at home. It is important to follow the following recommendations for immediate recovery:

  • A strict bed rest should be observed.
  • The room where the patient is located should be ventilated, but without drafts that will only aggravate the condition.
  • It is important to take enough fluid to allow the body to compensate for loss associated with increased sweating, often arising from intercostal neuralgia.
  • Emotional and physical stresses must be minimized, that is, during an acute period, complete rest.
  • High-quality, full-fledged foods, nutrition, helping to cope faster with the disease.


If intercostal neuralgia does not originate due to muscle spasm (due to drafts, a rare rotation, prolonged work in one position), then the treatment of the underlying disease should be treated, which led to inflammation of the nerve endings and reflex development of the MA.

Medicinal treatment of intercostal arrhythmia

In addition to performing general recommendations, patients with intercostal neuralgia may be prescribed drugs from the following groups:

  • painkillers;
  • sedative;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • vitamin complexes containing B1, B6 and B12.

A good effect of reducing painful sensations and palpitations is acupuncture, physiotherapy, laser therapy. After removing acute pain, general restorative procedures are shown in the form of therapeutic massage, therapeutic physical training, manual therapy. In rare cases, conservative therapy is not sufficient, then they resort to surgical intervention.

Treatment of intercostal arrhythmia by folk remedies

Different folk recipes are collected in the green pharmacy, helping to cope with pain during intercostal neuralgia. This, in turn, helps to reduce the manifestations of arrhythmia. There are also other helpful tips used to calm the heart and nervous system.

  • Bee or snake poison - are part of medical ointments that are used in the area of intercostal nerve damage. With the help of these components, the muscles relax, the tension of the nerve endings is removed, which in turn has a positive effect on the cardiac activity.
  • Pharmacy chamomile is a known pain reliever that quickly removes signs of intercostal neuralgia and arrhythmia. On a glass of hot water, take four tablespoons of dry grass, brew and insist on a little fire for about a quarter of an hour.At one reception - half a glass of infusion, before meals, until complete recovery.
  • Room heranium - the owners of the flower will be able to use it in the presence of MA and neuralgia. With strong intercostal pains, a leaf of a flower is rubbed into the affected areas. After manipulation, you need to hide or wrap the grated surface with a scarf, preferably woolen. This method of treatment should be used for two to three hours every 30 minutes.
  • Melissa with orange, honey and valerian is a good sedative for both the nervous and cardiovascular system. The same amount of orange peel and melissa is ground and mixed well. We take the received weight for one serving only a tablespoon and pour a glass of hot water. About 30 minutes, the liquid is insisted and strained. Adds a teaspoon of tincture of valerian and natural honey and is taken before meals or instead of tea. On a day you should drink two or three glasses of such a pleasant and healthy drink.


Treatment of intercostal arrhythmias of the heart is closely related to neuralgia of intercostal nerves. In the treatment of the last disease, you can eliminate cardiac failure. For this purpose general recommendations, medicines are used, in the extreme case - surgical intervention. Also, ointments, infusions, and plants used in the recipes of folk medicine are a positive influence on the heart and vessels.

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