Treatment of valve arrhythmias

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Failure of the heart can lead to various complications, including heart rhythm disorders. Such a pathology occurs in both adults and children. It all depends on the severity of the clinic's main illness, such as hemodynamic disorders. In severe cases, the treatment of valve arrhythmias is carried out in the hospital.

Valium arrhythmias (CA) are not an independent disease, because they are directly related to heart defects, congenital and acquired. The first variety of defects is more commonly diagnosed in infants, while the second one is in the adult population.

Valvular arrhythmias can be expressed in such forms of rhythm disturbance as tachycardia, extrasystole, in severe cases flickering or fibrillation of the ventricles / atrium is determined.

Diagnostics of valve arrhythmias is carried out with the participation of electrocardiography, ventriculography, heart sensing, echocardiography, radiography of the chest organs. If signs of rhythm disturbance are not strongly expressed, then specific treatment for valve arrhythmias is not performed. Symptomatic therapy may be used with compensated vagina and the presence of severe heart palpation.

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General recommendations

Patients with heart defects should take into account the general aspects that help indirectly affect the course of the disease, preventing it from progressing. This will reduce the risk of recurring attacks of arrhythmias.

  • It is necessary to take medical examinations in a timely manner and to report this to the attending physician when an infectious disease occurs.
  • It is important to monitor the condition of the gums and teeth, so that there is no focal infection in the body, which will be a danger to the progression of the underlying disease.
  • If bleeding procedures are supposed to be carried out, antibiotics must be taken beforehand.
  • When traveling or traveling, you must always have an identification card that will describe all the key points associated with the underlying disease.
  • To have a healthy lifestyle, excluding alcohol and smoking.


Medicinal treatment of valve arrhythmias

It is aimed at preventing the development or aggravation of the course of heart failure and valve arrhythmias. It is often prescribed after surgery to treat heart disease. In some cases, taking medications is life-long.

Used drugs and drugs for the treatment of valve arrhythmias:

  • ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors) - improve the pumping function of the heart, which normalizes the rhythmic activity of the heart (anaprilin, captopril, lysinopril).
  • Diuretics (diuretics) - remove excess fluid from the body, therefore, they are more often prescribed for heart failure than with arrhythmias (triamterene, furosemide).
  • Cardiac glycosides - are mainly prescribed when combining cardiac vomiting with atrial fibrillation. Reduced heart rate. The well-known preparations of this group are tselanid, digoxin.
  • Antiarrhythmic drugs. used for extrasystoles, tachycardia (sotalol, bisoprolol, amiodarone).
  • Anticoagulants - are important in the treatment of valve arrhythmias, manifesting in the form of atrial fibrillation. Help prevent thromboembolism of large vessels.

Surgical treatment of valve arrhythmias

Operative methods have allowed to increase the life expectancy of patients, to raise its qualitative level, to get rid of such complications as violation of the heart rate. First of all, plastic surgeons try to preserve their "own" human valve.Such operations are called reconstructive and include a number of manipulations: elimination of ligaments, often formed between the flaps, papillary muscles, tendon chords. Special support rings can also be sewn. All this is done during the heart stop and connecting the artificial blood circulation device.

With the impossibility of preserving the patient's affected valve, mechanical and biological prostheses are used. Each type of prosthetics has its own positive and negative sides.

  • Mechanical dentures are well received by the body, can serve long in the absence of various complications. And they can be expressed in the infection of the prosthesis with its subsequent rejection, and the thrombosis of the prosthesis, which arises in the absence of anticoagulant treatment or non-compliance with the doses of anticoagulants.
  • Biological prostheses are made from material of animal origin. They are less susceptible to infection than mechanical ones, and when using them, it is not necessary to use anticoagulants for life. But the life expectancy is relatively small - about 10 years, therefore, a repeated operation is often required.

Both types of valve prostheses can be complicated by fistula formation, which leads to valve insufficiency and re-operation. If the fistulas formed between the heart tissue and the fistula valve are small, then surgical intervention may not be required.

Treatment of valvular arrhythmias with folk remedies

Phytotherapy with valve arrhythmias plays a minor role. With its help you can reduce the viscosity of the blood, improve the contractility of the heart, but it can not radically change the patient's condition. Therefore, it is immediately necessary to understand that the main treatment of valve arrhythmias is medical and surgical.

Useful recipes for improving cardiac activity:

  • Rosemary. Prepare 100 g of dry leaf filled with red dry wine in the amount of two liters. For inspiration put in a cool and dark place, while occasionally shaken. For one taking 50 ml, the amount of daily intake - three times, the course of treatment - one and a half months.
  • Mint. The dry leaves of the plant are taken in the amount of 1 teaspoon and pour a glass of boiling water. To get the infusion you need to wait one hour. Take three such glasses a day, preferably before eating.
  • The lily of the valley Take fresh flowers and fall asleep in a bottle with a narrow throat. Fill with 96% alcohol so that they are completely covered. You need to wait two weeks to prepare this stuff. Then filter and take 20 drops before eating.


Treatment for valve arrhythmias in the heart includes medical and surgical methods. The first ones are most often used after surgery, which is often the most effective way of treating heart disease. Additionally, folk recipes are used to help strengthen the heart and lower the viscosity of the blood.

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