Treatment of intestinal arrhythmia

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Changes in cardiac activity can be caused both by non-cardiac diseases and cardiac pathology. In the second case, treatment of intestinal arrhythmia is often required, which often includes medications and non-traditional therapies.

Intestinal arrhythmia (CA) can denote two states. One is associated with disorders of the intestine, which is complicated by arrhythmia. Another is a ventricular contraction disorder, which is most often expressed in a rapid heartbeat (tachycardia).

Intestinal arrhythmias are not considered in ICD-10, therefore, they are not considered an isolated disease. The use of the term is associated with the clinical manifestation of pathology.

Diagnosis of the disease is performed using ECG, ultrasound examination, general clinical tests. Additional research methods in the form of Holter monitoring may be used. Since intestinal arrhythmias, which arise from violations of the activity of the ventricles heavier in their course than in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in the first case more often prescribed medication and drugs for the treatment of intestinal arrhythmia.

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General recommendations

It is important to use them at the first symptoms of an arrhythmia attack so that you can restore the normal functioning of the heart as quickly as possible. It is desirable, in the first two days, otherwise longer duration of rhythm disturbance contributes to the formation of blood clots.

  • During the heartbeat, you need to create a calm environment for the patient, free from all important matters.
  • While in the room, you need to give fresh air access, while not creating drafts.
  • It is necessary to remind the patient to breathe deeply and evenly, trying at the end of the exhalation to hold his breath for a short while.
  • You can slow down your heart rate by artificial stimulation of vomiting.
  • Slow compression on closed eyeballs also helps to reduce heart rate.

Medicinal treatment of intestinal arrhythmia

Patients with first-time arrhythmias should be surveyed in the clinic. In severe forms of rhythm disturbance, the sick are sent to the hospital.

The purpose of medical treatment is often carried out according to the following strategies:

  • improvement of myocardial metabolism;
  • reduction of heart rate;
  • restoration of electrolyte balance;
  • strengthen the cardiovascular system with vitamin complexes.


If the patient has been repeatedly observed attacks of arrhythmias and besides the expressed symptoms there are no hemodynamic changes, then it is possible to change the type of attack in the home. For this home in the first-aid kit you should have such preparations: panangin, alcohol tincture of hawthorn, anaprilin in tablets, myorelaxant (seduxen or relanium).

In case of the next attack of arrhythmia, the following scheme of its cure is recommended:

  • Before each meal, 20-30 drops of hawthorn for a quarter of a glass of water are drunk.
  • Together with food or after (in order not to irritate the stomach) two tablets of anaprilin are taken and one - panangina.
  • Before sleep, about half an hour, a muscle relaxant is taken. If you do not have it, you can use fenazepam.

Miorelaksants can not be taken on an ongoing basis, since there is an addiction. Therefore, their use is possible only once, to restore normal heart rhythm.

Treatment of intestinal arrhythmia by folk remedies

If the ventricles develop in the form of tachycardia, you can use the following recipes from the piggy bank of the green pharmacy:

  • Calendula - helps with various heart rhythm disturbances. They prepare an infusion of flowers, for which they take them in the amount of two teaspoons on a glass of boiling water. After insisting about an hour, they are taken three times a day in equal parts or half a glass.
  • Dried fruits are rich in potassium, which is very necessary for the normal functioning of the heart. In equal parts take raisins, dried apricots and nuts. Grind and add to them juice of one lemon and five tablespoons of honey. Eat better during meals for one month.
  • Black radish - has the necessary substances to restore normal rhythm. The vegetables are juice and mixed with honey. Proportions 1: 1. The remedy is taken three times a day, one serving - one tablespoon.


Treatment of intestinal arrhythmias depends on the cause of its occurrence. First of all, the treatment of the underlying disease is carried out, and after the symptomatic rhythm disturbance is prescribed. In severe cases hospitalization is required. If there are no hemodynamic changes, then home treatment using medicines and folk remedies is carried out.

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