Treatment of hormonal tachycardia

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Patients with various hormonal disorders often experience a rapid heartbeat. This is due to various reasons, but in any case, a timely treatment of tachycardia should be carried out. As a result, it will be possible to avoid more severe conditions, which often threaten health.

Hormonal tachycardia is a symptomatic manifestation, which is associated immediately with two pathological processes. On the one hand, there are hormonal disorders, and on the other hand, increased cardiac activity, which is precisely related to the change in the hormonal background.

The development of hormonal tachycardia is observed in various tumor processes, pregnancy, climax, the onset of menarche, and so on.

With a properly prescribed treatment, the condition of the patient, as a rule, improves. It is important to consult a doctor in time and follow his recommendations.

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General recommendations

Patients should exclude provocative factors that, in combination with hormonal disorders, can adversely affect cardiac activity.

The most common risk factors:

  • The presence of bad habits in the form of smoking, drinking alcohol.
  • Frequent stress situations.
  • Increased cholesterol or glucose in the blood.
  • Hypodynamia and obesity associated with it.
  • Improper nutrition.


There are also such predisposing factors as age, gender, but it is extremely difficult to influence them. In addition, many patients with tachyarrhythmia suffice to cope with the above-listed circumstances.

Medicinal treatment of hormonal tachycardia

First of all, the main cause of the rhythm disturbance is determined. If the hormonal disorder is associated with tumor processes, then their respective therapy (surgery, irradiation, chemotherapy) is performed. When observing age-related changes, symptomatic drugs can be prescribed to improve general well-being.

With proper treatment of the underlying disease, the rapid heart beat goes by itself. If the clinical signs of tachycardia are extremely pronounced then antiarrhythmic drugs are used in small doses.

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