Treatment of extreme tachycardia

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During critical conditions and in the development of a number of diseases, an extreme tachycardia can occur, which can impair the well-being of the patient. With proper and timely treatment, the prognostic value is favorable.

Extreme tachycardia refers to the category of symptomatic disorders of the rhythm, which are the complication of other diseases and pathologies. Depending on the shape and location of the pathological focus, an extreme tachycardia requires longer or bolus, single-component or complex treatment.

In some cases, an extreme tachycardia is expressed in a critical condition, which requires timely and immediate medical intervention.

Standard rash methods are used to determine rhythm disturbance: ultrasound of the heart, electrocardiogram, Holter monitoring. When a patient is in an intensive care unit, the equipment available in the ward immediately responds to changes in the patient's condition and informs the medical staff about it. Worse, if there is no one near a person at that moment, then you need to deal with a heartbeat on your own.

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General recommendations

In order to avoid the development of extreme tachycardia, all possible measures should be taken to prevent the following conditions:

  • injuries and injuries;
  • conditions associated with blood loss;
  • shock, collapse;
  • complications of heart defects.

In the absence of the above-mentioned factors of influence and development of short-term extreme tachycardia, specific therapy is not carried out. In such cases, it is enough to perform the following actions to eliminate the symptoms of a rapid heart beat:

  • to perform vagal tests (for example, stroke after inhalation);
  • take a comfortable position (often, half a person);
  • try to relax;
  • wash with cold water;
  • drink, if previously prescribed by a doctor, antiarrhythmic drugs.



After the actions, the condition of the patient should be assessed. When you have signs of a severe heartbeat, you need to call an ambulance. It is especially important not to slow down with the challenge of developing rhythm disorders in children, the elderly, patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Medicinal treatment of extreme tachycardia

The high frequency of heart rate should be corrected medically. Depending on the cause causing the violation of the rhythm, and the form of arrhythmia, the treatment tactics are chosen.

  • For atrial fibrillation or ventricles, a defibrillation is performed, for which a special device that supplies a discharge of varying intensity is used, usually starting at 50-100 J and, if necessary, increasing to 250-300 J.
  • Development of the heartbeat by type of paroxysmal tachycardia may require the administration of antiarrhythmic drugs. This may be novocainamide, adenosine, and severe attacks are removed by amiodarone, which, alone, does not act quickly.

Properly prescribed and performed treatment of extreme tachycardia helps to improve the patient's condition and prevent the development of more complex conditions. Therefore, do not delay with an appeal to the doctor at the first signs of a rapid heartbeat.

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