Buyanovsky Ruslan Vasilyevich

Ruslan Vasilievich is a physician of the first category, a doctor-cardiologist, a doctor-rheumatologist, a doctor-gastroenterologist, because of his vast experience, conducts bicycle ergometry, daily blood pressure monitoring, echocardiography, the management of patients with arthritis, gout, and fever of unclear genesis. He has a great foreign experience, he uses a variety of cardiac diagnostic methods based on evidencebasedmedicine and recommendations from European and American medical societies. The range of counseling help allows you to carry out various methods of cardiac diagnosis and apply the modern principles of treatment of patients.

Medical experience - 16 years;


Graduated from Odessa State Medical University.

Has passed courses

Specializations on therapy, gastroenterology and functional diagnostics.

Performs the following procedures

  • on cardiology (prevention of cardiovascular diseases, early diagnosis of angina, management of patients with hypertonic disease, rhythm disturbances, treatment of patients with cardialgia and neurocirculatory dystonia);
  • functional diagnostics (bicycle ergometry, echocardiography, electrocardiography);
  • rheumatology (management of patients with arthritis and polyarthralgia, deforming arthrosis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and fever of unclear genesis).

Clin-residency on therapy based on the department of acute myocardial infarction;

TU for echocardiography - 2 times / The Research Institute for Cardiology of Nikolai Dmitrievich Strazhesko and the Research Institute of Nicholas Amosov;

TU - dopplerography of carotid arteries;

TU - cardiological pathology in pregnant women;

TU - medicine of catastrophes 2 weeks.

Has foreign experience;

  • management of patients according to principlesbasedmedicine;
  • work exclusively according to guidelines / guideline / European / American Society for Cardiology,
  • gastroenterology and rheumatology

Interesting areas of medicine:

  • psychiatry;
  • medical psychology;
  • neurology

About life

"Thanks to his own efforts, there is a growth in the professional level: he read many new translated books, medical sites.Almost one month a year I give TU on the basis of KMAPO. I'm studying online. "

About work

"In the opinion of the real experts in the industry, a good doctor is a doctor deprived of the stigma of professional inappropriateness - the application in practice of techniques that do not have evidence base, such as homeopathy, psychoanalysis, antiviral treatment of ARVI and the like."

"I always try to explain to the patient the causal links in their pain and I remind you that the health of the patient under his responsibility. No matter how banal it sounds, but when a person leads a healthy lifestyle, this is the best remedy for all diseases. "

About hobbies

"I really like trekking, hiking, backpacking, MTV-crosscountry riding and sef-coaching. "

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