Diagnosis of ventricular extrasystoles

Author Ольга Кияница


At the reception at the doctor, the patient is examined and during the examination, the cariogenic venous waves are often determined - pathological pulsation, which is a pronounced presystolic pulsation of venous veins. Arrhythmic pulse on the arteries, if extrasystoles are often generated in groups, then the pathology can be perceived as atrial fibrillation. Extrasystoles can cause splitting of the second tone. ECG signs of ventricular extrasystole: ventricular QRS complexes have changed with extrasystole background, and their extension and deformation are observed, and the pruritus P is not present before ventricular extraordinary contraction. Characteristic is the presence of a complete compensatory pause after extrasystole. If an attack occurs rarely, then daily and other studies in the form of ultrasound of the heart, bicycle ergometry and stress tests are added to the standard ECG.

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