Pain is a physical or mental suffering, a painful sensation, an exhausting organism and leading to a loss of interest in life, a crash of hopes and plans. It is unbearable to live with pain – understanding this, the new Department of Pain Treatment was opened at the Institute of Orthopedics and Neuroscience (ION) – the Center for Pain Therapy.

The experience of the doctors of the Medical Center for treating pain in the treatment of various pain syndromes suggests that the most effective integrative approach to treatment, which allows not only to remove the pain syndrome, but to diagnose and eliminate the cause, while beneficial effect on the whole body.

Taking into account this circumstance, the holistic method – “Integrative kinesitherapy system” – has been developed at the Medical Center for Pain Therapy, which is being implemented through a multidisciplinary approach. The multidisciplinary approach is based on the possibility of developing a therapeutic tactic through the interaction of doctors of many specialties.

The uniqueness of the technique

The future of modern medicine is a holistic (integrative) approach to health. Holistic medicine, examines the human body as a whole, taking into account the interconnections between organs with various systems of the organism.

Benefits of treatment

  • Medicinal and non-drug treatment
  • Individual approach
  • Integrative approach
  • High qualifications of doctors

Advantages of the center

  • Convenient location
  • 5 years of work in the market
  • 7 patents of Ukraine
  • 1000 grateful patients

Thus, the doctors of the Medical Center for Pain Therapy have already made the first and significant step in the direction of holistic medicine by developing a unique System of Integrative Kinesiotherapy for the treatment of OCD and other diseases, based on the principles of holistic health and multidisciplinary approach.


Garnaga Nikolai Mikhailovich

Николай Михайлович наблюдает пациентов, у которых наблюдаются кардиологические патологии, реабилитацией больных в постинфарктный период. В область профессиональной деятельности Николая Михайловича входит предоставление широкого спектра диагностических (проведение осмотра, электрокардиографии, суточного мониторирования по методу Холтера) и лечебных процедур. Доктор консультирует больных с артериальной и мерцательной гипертензией, ишемической болезнью, гипотензией, мерцательной аритмией, миокартидом, перикардитом и эндокардитом. Большой опыт работы позволяет быстро разобраться даже в случае тяжелой патологии.

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