The multidisciplinary medical center offers a variety of medical care, which is based on the effective therapy of many diseases that are prevalent today, as well as their detection at the stage of “preeclampsia”. The clinic helps to restore health to a long-term or chronic illness, for which various methods of treatment are used.

Treatment at a medical center is carried out using medicated drugs, supplemented by special methods of exposure to the body, which help to activate its protective forces. As a result, recovery is faster and more efficient.

The activity of the center is based on the principles of family medicine, when there is no narrow focus of treatment, and the organism is perceived and treated as a unified system of various life processes. A family doctor at a clinic is regarded as a specialist in a wide range of knowledge and awareness in the most common diseases. Therefore, there is no division into systems and organs, and health problems are perceived and evaluated in the complex. This is very important in cases where the patient has several diseases.

Family doctors of the medical center have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. In addition, they can conduct ultrasound and functional diagnostics, conduct physical therapy and apply methods of correction of the functional state of the human body. As a result, patients receive full complex diagnostic and treatment-restoration assistance.

In the medical center, family doctors work closely with specialists of the narrow direction: neuropathologist, pediatrician-allergist, traumatologist-orthopedist, ENT, immunologist. Such assistance allows you to put accurate diagnoses, appoint effective treatment regimens, and, if necessary, carry out physiotherapy and other procedures.

The medical center is equipped with:

  • Modern medical equipment – cardiograph, ultrasound device, Holter-device for daily monitoring, non-invasive blood analyzer, spirograph, etc.
  • Diagnostics at the stage of “pre-test” is carried out with the participation of medical devices such as “Adaptologist”, “Cardiocode”, “Omega-M”, “Phase-graphe”.

The following physiotherapeutic methods are used in the medical center:

  • Igalations
  • Vacuum therapy.
  • UHF
  • Curative mud.
  • Shock wave therapy.
  • Press therapy.
  • Magnetotherapy in various variants.
  • Treatment of CO2.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Light therapy.
  • Electrotherapy.

The clinic is equipped with the only hardware and software complexes in Kyiv.

  • Multimag is an instrument for magnetic resonance therapy.
  • “Vacumed” – with its help, vacuum therapy is performed.
  • “ReOxy” is the unique equipment necessary for conducting controlled hypoxia-hyperoxic treatment.
  • NEXUS-10 is used to diagnose various functional genesis disorders.

There is a medical center in the Darnitsa district of Kyiv at the address. Elizabeth Chavdar 2 of. 1. There is Osokorki metro station nearby.


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