In 2007, a single center was created for the treatment, diagnosis, rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular diseases of the European sample. Modern cardiosurgery has been implemented within the walls of the Institute of the Heart, while in the walls of this clinic, surgeons, therapists, diagnosticians, anaesthesiologists and other experts closely associated with cardiovascular diseases began to work together.

On the basis of the clinic, there was a large concentration of knowledge and experience, which today results in the treatment of cardiac defects in newborns, hypertension and angina pectoris, as well as other cardiological operations previously unavailable to cardiology in Ukraine.

The clinic is convinced that even the most severe heart malformation is not the final sentence. The structure and equipment of the Institute were conducted in accordance with world quality standards, therefore the represented medical institution became not only a local attraction, but all of Ukraine.

At the Institute, all departments are equipped with comfort and taste. For example, the chambers are equipped with TVs and phones. Also there are information boards, which allows you to keep abreast of the events. If possible, a friendly café is attended by patients.

Services provided at the clinic:

  • Diagnostics – performed in such departments as consulting, diagnostic, radionuclide and radiation testing, as well as in the clinical and diagnostic laboratory.
  • Adult therapy – is carried out in the departments for therapeutic exposure to coronary heart disease, myocardial lesions and organ / tissue transplantation, intravascular surgery and angiography, acquired heart flaws, heart rhythm disorders.There is also an intensive care unit where adult care is provided.
  • The therapy of children – is held in the children’s department of intensive care, congenital heart defects, consulting and diagnostic department, operating for children at the clinic.
  • Anesthetic services.
  • Practice of artificial blood circulation and extracorporeal methods of therapy.
  • Blood transfusion and donor blood donation.

There is the Heart Institute in the pine forest, where the park area with paths and places for rest is organized. There is a parking area, the territory is covered with flowerbeds and lawns, therefore, patients often restore their strength after surgery.

The Institute of the heart is located in Kiev, at the address. Bratislava, 5a.

You can sign up for a consultation through the site or reception branch offices:

  • Registry for adults: (044) 291-61-31.
  • Register for children (recording on ultrasound, cardiogram and consultation of the cardiologist): (044) 291-61-60, (044) 291-61-48.
  • Children’s Department (Hospital): (044) 291-61-19.

Schedule: Advisory and diagnostic department runs Mon-Fri: 08:00 to 16:00.


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