The medical center has a rich history, which was started in 1992 by the creation of the first private dental clinic in the city. The name of the medical institution is associated with the greetings “Long live”, which in Latin sounds like “Evviva”. In the following years the medical center was expanded by separate centers (dental, medical-diagnostic, cardiological, plastic surgery).

The big event took place in 1998, when emergency assistance was opened. In the future, the expansion of the clinic was due to the Center of efferent therapy, pediatric department, “Surgery 1 day”. Much attention is paid to the diagnostic base of the clinic, therefore, new methods of research are constantly being introduced, progressive equipment is acquired.

In 2016, a health center opened the Cardiology Center, which today allows for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various cardiovascular diseases.

Basic services provided by the medical center:

  • Family medicine – allows you to undergo the examination and treatment of the whole family, to carry out qualitative prevention of family diseases.
  • The multidisciplinary diagnostic center uses various research methods that are associated with medical profiles such as cardiology, phlebology, endocrinology, surgery, hematology, allergology, nutrition, vertebrology, psychology, neurology, gastroenterology and many others.
  • Blood purification by the procedure of VLOK, hemosorbtion, UFOK.
  • Laboratory diagnostics – various screenings, general clinical analyzes, infectious, biochemical, hormonal, immunological, oncological investigations are carried out.
  • Hospitalization is presented in several ways: at home, in clinics in Ukraine and abroad, there is also a day-care hospital.
  • Mother and child health center – the service is offered in the form of vaccination, patronage of pregnant women, complex programs, postpartum escort, etc.
  • Outboard ambulance
  • assistance – carries out transportation of patients, delivers doctors and nursing staff to the patient’s home for service and emergency assistance.

Doctors-cardiologists, serving adults and children, are being admitted to the medical center. In particular, the highest category in the specialty is a doctor-cardiologist Lyudmila Sylnitskaya, a cardiologist and a candidate of medical sciences – Ambrosova

Tatiana Nikolaevna, children’s cardiorheumatologist Suzdaltseva Natalyа Anatolevna, cardiologist and KMN Kompaniets Kira Nikolaevna, Honored Doctor of Ukraine Lesunova Lidia Alekseevna.

There is a medical center in the Kiev region of Kharkov at the address. Sumy, 90.

You can find out the interesting questions   on a multichannel phone (057) 700-33-03, as well as by mobile (050) 403-39-03, (096) 748-10-33, (095) 711-23-60.

Schedule: Reception is on record.


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