The medical center has established itself as a health-improving and rehabilitation institution of the new generation, which has taken the direction of treatment and prevention of pathological conditions of the musculoskeletal system. On the basis of the clinic successfully combines the latest diagnostic methods and advanced equipment, professional doctors and benevolent nursing staff. An individual approach is applied to each patient, and new interesting complex programs are regularly offered.

Treatment of diseases of the spine and joints is carried out with the direct participation of not only a qualified orthopedist-traumatologist, but also a therapist.Effective recovery is only possible after establishing a reliable reason for which the center uses a comprehensive diagnosis.

The process of treatment is under constant control of doctors and medical personnel, therefore, if necessary, correction of the rehabilitation program is carried out.

Main benefits of the medical center:

  • An integrated approach to the definition and treatment of various diseases of the joints and the spine.
  • The presence of special programs designed for the characteristics of the child, female body, as well as the characteristics of the athlete.
  • Assistance in preparation for surgery, as well as early rehabilitation in the postoperative period.
  • Individual classes.
  • Presence of constant support both in the form of consultations, both on-line or by phone.
  • Payment can be made in stages.

The clinic is especially valued by the trust of patients, so every effort is made to justify the expectations.

Basic services provided at the medical center:

  • Consultation of an orthopedist traumatologist, if necessary, rehabilitation diagnostics and electrocardiography
  • Consultation of the therapist (cardiologist), additionally removes the electrocardiogram with subsequent decoding.
  • Consultation of a neurologist – is necessary in the presence of acute nerve disorders.
  • Reflexotherapy with the diagnosis of pathologies associated with human reflex zones.
  • Kinesiotherapy is a program for the general improvement of the body.
  • Cardio-Ergo-Therapy (KET) – is a medical aid for cardiovascular disease, which helps to quickly rehabilitate.
  • Rehabilitation of patients who have suffered acute cerebrovascular abnormalities, that is, stroke.
  • Underwater extraction – when located on a special device in warm water, the spine of the patient is horizontally drawn out.
  • Extension of the back on the Evminov preventive arm, that is, on a special device under the patient’s own weight.
  • Manual therapy and massage – manipulations are performed to strengthen and heal the back and other parts of the body of the patient.
  • Gymnastics HADU – the technique is aimed at building a harmonious, beautiful body.
  • Therapeutic muscular fascial relaxation – this method is based on the slow stretching of different groups of muscles.
  • Mama Shaping – Women with children can simultaneously engage in enjoyable gymnastics.

There is a medical center in Kharkiv and one of its branches can be selected for its visit:

  • Near the metro station University on the street. Chernyshevskaya, 31 Tel. ((097) 034-85-24, (057) 781-17-71
  • In the BC Aristocrat, located on Prospect Gagarin, 43/2. Tel. (050) 370-77-88, (098) 180-77-88


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