The clinic has been operating effectively in the healthcare system for 25 years. It all began with a private laboratory, which began work in 1989 thanks to the joint efforts of a couple of doctors. At first only laboratory diagnostics were conducted, but gradually the range of services provided in the clinic was expanded, as a result of which today the medical center operates in a closed production cycle.

In the market of laboratory services, the medical center remains the leader at the expense of the continuous introduction of innovative technologies. An affordable pricing policy is underway, and a large number of tests and analyzes are quickly made.

The work of the clinic is based on the principle of diagnostic and medical institution of outpatient-polyclinic type. Therefore, if necessary, the patient undergoes a comprehensive diagnosis, a medical treatment is prescribed, which can be corrected during the course of therapy. In case of necessity a recommendation is made on the most appropriate narrow-minded medical institution on the territory of Ukraine or abroad.

Main benefits of the clinic:

  • Competent in their profile are doctors who are trained abroad and are trained in the specifics of activities in the clinic itself.
  • Each patient receives medical assistance on an individual basis.
  • The treatment of complex diseases is carried out with the participation of the most modern diagnostic database.

The medical center developed 47 comprehensive programs that help to identify pathologies in various organs and systems of the body at an early stage. The definition of cardiovascular diseases in the early stages is based on the timely delivery of a number of tests: a general blood test, prothrombin, fibrinogen, troponin, creatine kinase, ALT, AST, PSA, etc. Also, an ECG, ECHO-KG, cardiologist consultation is conducted. The condition of the vascular bed is assessed by special tests (general blood test, ESR, homocysteine, lipoproteins, glucose, uric acid). In addition, dopplerography of the vessels of the neck, ECG, ECHO-KG is performed, the cardiologist’s consultation is obligatory.


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