The opening of the medical center is due in the spring of 2017. It is a multidisciplinary clinic, so patients with diseases of various organs and systems of the body are referred here. Diagnostic, curative and rehabilitation procedures are performed, surgical interventions are performed, patients are consulted.

For the center’s employees, the health of the patients is of greatest value, so all the methods available today that allow patients to cure or improve their well-being are used.

The main advantages of a progressive medical center:

  • Patients are provided with a full range of medical services that are suitable for both adults and children.
  • Practicing individual care for each patient. The clinic employs excellent specialists who improve their qualifications.
  • The structure of the clinic includes an outpatient, polyclinic and in-patient departments.
  • Its own laboratory base allows you to conduct various analyzes in the fastest possible time.
  • A good operating base, which allows you to perform various types of mal-traumatic operations.
  • Medical collaboration is observed at any stage of rehabilitation or treatment.
  • The medical staff is extremely attentive and benevolent.
  • Prices for services are within acceptable limits.
  • The location of the clinic is connected with the close location of the metro station, which makes it possible to quickly and conveniently get there.

The clinic of the progressive medical center provides the services of doctors in various specialized specialties such as urology, gynecology, standard surgery and surgery of one day, phlebology, oncosurgery, orthopedics and traumatology, proctology, plastic surgery, therapy, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, pediatrics, pediatric urology , pediatric surgery.

The hospital is divided into four departments, each of which is serviced by qualified staff. In particular, a urological hospital is organized, there is also a surgical, gynecological and therapeutic hospital unit.

The diagnostic direction of the medical center is based on modern equipment, which uses ultrasound, electrocardiography, clinical analyzes and endoscopy. The last kind of diagnostics is presented in the clinic in the form of anoscopy, esophagoduodenoscopy, recto-macroscopy, video colonoscopy, video-rectosigmoscopy, etc.

There is a medical center in the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kiev, on the street. Degtyarevskaya, 48. The nearest Metro Shulyavskaya.

You can be contacted around the clock by mobile phones (096) 100-34-02, (050) 100-34-02.


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